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Two-Category Search is Here!



Why does this exist? With almost 1600 entries in the Volvo Repair Database, finding what you need is growing harder as the Volvo Repair Database (VRD) grows. For branding, I named it Powersearch, because it’s a manly, tough name with “power” in it that makes you think of 5000hp top-fuel dragsters, ten-ton bulldozers and jet fighters.


Say you own a Volvo 850 and need to know what strut mounts to buy and how to install them. If you’ve browsed the VRD for 850 entries (651) looking for suspension fixes (130), you’ve spent considerable time looking at stuff not specific to you.

This Powersearch tool crosses the 850 category with the Suspension category, to show you the suspension VRD entries (58) that are relevant to you as an 850 owner.

So now we have a tool that finds repairs that exist in two categories.

Who Knows What This Will Turn Up

You’re not limited to crossing a Volvo model with another category. You can select any two different categories.

Please try it and let me know what you think. I’ll be adding it to the site navigation in the coming days. Also note it’s not released for mobile yet. Soon.

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