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Project: Unclog the Evaporator Drain and drain hose (A/C)

If you hear water sloshing around under your dash and it seems that you’re not leaving a water trail of condensation under your car (which is normal) after running your A/C, it could be that your Evaporator drain is clogged up. Here is a thread where our member, tailor contributed with photos showing the location of the drain hose and how to unclog it. Thanks tailor! Btw, water and debris clogged up in the evaporator drain hose means an early death of your evaporator. To replace it means taking the entire dash out (see post in this database regarding that procedure) but amazingly unclogging its drain is fairly easy as it’s not difficult to access.

tailor wrote:

“In light of your new pictures: If you have not peeled back the carpet and looked for either a blockage at the evaporator drain pipe or a damaged pipe I would do that first. It is conceivable that the pipe is split/ disconnected and you may have a blockage too boot causing the water to drain on either side of the occupants feet.

I certainly am not trying to over rule the superior knowledge of JRL and Ozark but it is well worth the look if you have not done that. There is also the possibility of water leaking out of the fan housing/passage, I had a soft black “gum” plugging a hole.I do not know if this is a default fitting or some prior work was done and they drilled through the passage from the blower motor to the evaporator. You might also get water running more quickly down the right side of the passenger interior when you make a left turn…..the passenger would be your best bet to view it.”

Unclog the Evaporator Drain (A/C)

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shelley zito says:

My 2008, V70 has a lot of condensation from the A/C. It seems like more than most cars. Is this normal?
Thanks, Shelley

Jude Primeaux says:

how to unclog AC condensation drain?

can you blow air into drain hose in either direction to blow out clogged drainage?

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