Upgrade 850 Turbo to 18t Turbocharger?

Can I get a 18t turbo with a speed tunning chip and maybe some bigger injectors and be ok?

Sure. Don’t do the 18t until you get a tune and do some exhaust upgrades, though. The tune is the important part – too much boost too low in the rev range, and you get bent rods.

Again, keep in mind that with going to a bigger turbo, you’re going to lose some of that get-up-and go off the line. The S70’s acceleration/tall first gear make it useless for trying to dart out in traffic quickly, but great for passing power from 30 mph on up.

Upgrade 850 Turbo to 18T? Turbo Talk!

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  1. Can I simply change to 30lb injectors without any long term problem in 1995 Volvo850 turbo 2.3 wagon. Someone suggested it will run lean and might affect the engine in the long term.

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