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Using an R ECU in a Turbo

Let’s talk R ECU

Using an R ECU in a Turbo

What happens when you use an 850 R ECU in a regular 850 Turbo?

850R ecu in Turbo model?

Bonus! More on the Volvo 850R

Volvo has only sold road cars under the Polestar brand name for a few years now, but back in 1996 it offered something very similar, the 850 R. The original 850 R wasn’t a hardcore performance car out for BMW M5 blood, but like today’s V60 Polestar, it mated Volvo’s sensible qualities with some decent real-world performance.

The 850 R was powered by a turbocharged 2.3-liter five-cylinder making 240 hp, and mated to a four-speed automatic. Based on MotorWeek’s testing, this combination delivered a 7.3-second 0-60 mph run, though the 850 R’s braking performance was even more impressive. It took just 100 feet to bring the 850 R from 60 mph to a halt–impressive even by 2017’s standards.

MotorWeek’s John Davis praises the 850 R’s handling and straight-line performance, but criticizes its harsh, not-very-luxurious ride. You could say many of the same things about the current V60 Polestar.


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Andre' Waichulaitis says:

I purchased a chipped out 304hp computer for my 95 T-5r….took out the original 240hp T-5R computer and put it in my 95 850 turbo. What happens is simply amazing…instant HP!!!! 222hp to 240hp just like that. Less than 5 min work. ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!

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