V70 GLT 1998 drive axle removal

V70 Drive axle removal

I do not have an impact wrench so I used a breaker bar with my floor jack handle as an extension to loosen the central 36mm nut on the drive axle, this WITH THE CAR ON ALL FOUR WHEELS!!!

As you can see in the provided link take the control arm off the frame, this will allow you not to have to fool with the ball joints. Don’t start this until you have loosened the drive axle.

The Gear puller will allow you to put tension on the axle, don’t try to force it loose with just tightening the gear puller, use a hammer to hit the puller, and therefor the axle, to force it loose. It will require you to re-tighten the gear puller several times but this will work the axle loose. After it is loose take off the control arm from the frame so you can take out the axle.

Click here to see the whole drive axle removal tutorial

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