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V70 – Replacing B4 Servo Cover Fixes Shift Flaring

Having Shift Flaring Problems?

MVS Forum member T5AUS did a transmission fluid flush (commonly called a Drain and Fill) on his 2001 V70 T5, and topped up with 3309 fluid, which virtually cured all the erratic shift flaring. But he was still getting odd flares in the lower rev range. So what did he do? He bit the bullet and replaced the B4 valve cover.

It’s not quite a tutorial, but it’s a good next step for those with early P2 Volvos that have shifting flares.- V70 - Replacing B4 Servo Cover Fixes Shift Flaring

Replacing B4 servo cover

Bonus! Volvo V70

Late in 1996, Volvo introduced a new estate car to the market, the V70.

The Volvo V70 was developed from the concept of the successful 850 Estate which had then been on the market since February 1993.

The exterior of the new V70 showed softer styling than its predecessor, but still carried a strong Volvo identity including the typical almost vertical rear end. Inside the car, the dashboard was new, as was most of the interior. As regards safety, a number of important improvements were also made.

An interesting and successful addition to the V70 models was the all-wheel drive XC 70 models.

The Volvo V70 was produced until 2000, when it was replaced by the second-generation V70.

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