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V70 transmission cooler upgrade

MVS Contributor Botbasher cranks out a wonderful DIY on how to do a Volvo 2001-2007 V70 transmission cooler upgrade.

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V70 trans cooler

V70 transmission cooler upgrade overview

I was able to get one of my big ticket projects checked off the list this weekend and thought I’d share it with you so that those in need or similar situation might benefit. It was really simple and required no special tools. This may work for other models, but I have not compared them… I can only speak to the P2 V70s.

So now I have a mostly OEM Trans Cooler. It wasn’t quite a bolt on, but there was nothing that needed extensive fabrication. Heat is the sworn enemy of a automatic trans, so anything we can do to cool it down will help. I am looking forward to seeing how it effects the issues I have with my 03!

Hopefully this helps some with similar issues or those that want to push the cars and need some extra capacity!

Parts and unique tools required

  • S60 Transmission Cooler
  • 3/8″ Hot Oil Rated Hose – about 3 ft
  • Transmission Cooling Hose Retainer 9485149 – 1
  • Transmission Cooling Hose O-Ring 988840 – 2
  • 3/4″ Hose Clamps – 6
  • OPTIONAL but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – Magnefine 3/8″ Transmission Filter
  • 7/8 Open End Wrenches – 2 (preferably thin type)
  • Dremel or Angle Grinder with Cut Off Wheel
  • 1″x6″x12ga Stainless Strip (any strip will do in a pinch, but this will get abused and rust!)
  • 3/4″ 1/4-28 Stainless hardware set (Bolt, 2 washers and Nylok Nut (or split washer and regular nut)
  • Various Hand Tools to work with hoses, clamps and removing the Swage Fittings on the hoses
  • Drill with 1/8″ and 3/8″ bit for removing aluminum rivets and drilling SS Strip
  • OPTIONAL – Hose Cutter for nice clean hose cuts

For those following my adventures with Sven here you know that I have been having some shifting issues I attributed to heat building up in the trans. I believe that I either have a VB shuttle or bore that binds or leaks when the trans gets warm. I see the issue after something like a drive through or in cue to pick up after school. After a bit of air passing over the radiator, the shifts would be buttery smooth again, until the next stop & go session. I had to find a fix!

V70 transmission cooler installed

I have tried all the basic stuff, from Fluid Changes to Adaptation Runs. I rebuilt the Linear Solenoids yet nothing seemed to work to completely eliminate the harsh shifts after a bit of heat. Heat was the basis for the issue, so what is the best way to remove the heat? An Aux Cooler, right? Now getting an Aux Tran Cooler is no biggie, right? $80 online and you got it, but you’ll have to mount it and then figure out how to plumb it into the system. I took a little more OEM approach.

While searching for Trans Coolers on-line, I happened across Roberts (RSPI on the Forum) DIY for this cooler on a P80 platform. Hmmmmm It’s Volvo. It’s going to fit OEM or damn close. The fittings are all there making plumbing a snap. Yeah… SOLD!!! Once it got to me in the mail I cleaned it out thoroughly (no sense in putting someone else’s gunk into my trans!!) and started planning!!

Now removing the front bumper is well documented in other DIYs and I will not rework the same DIYs that I used, so do a quick search on “P2 Front Bumper Removal” and you’ll be done in no time. It took me longer to jack up the car than to remove the bumper!

So once you have the car in the air and safe to work under… Get ready to install your “new” Trans Cooler!!

VRD: V70 Trans DIY Cooler Upgrade – OEMish

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