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Model year 1998 (in North America), saw the Volvo V70 appear as a mid-size, five-door wagon/estate. The Volvo 70 series — both S70 sedan and V70 wagon — descended from the very popular Volvo 850. They were both simply reworked, slightly modernized versions of the successful 850. They both continued to use Volvo’s bulletproof inline-5 cylinder aluminum engine.

First Generation V70

The 1998 V70 replaced the boxy, square corners of the 850 with rounded edges and a more “family friendly” appearance package and design, an example being the window controls moving from the spill-prone center console to both front doors.

V70 Saffron metallic
V70 Saffron metallic

In 1999 Volvo offered the V70 in base, GLT, and T5 versions, all with front-drive. V70 R and XC (Cross Country) wagon featured all-wheel drive. Output of the R wagon engine rose from 236 to 247 horsepower. 1998 V70 trailering — max weight was 3300 pounds.

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A rear-facing seat was available for all V70s, and boosts the passenger capacity to 7.

For the model year 2000 Volvo trimmed its V70 wagon lineup, dropping the base AWD version and the front-drive performance-oriented T5.

Second Generation V70

The introduction of the 2001 redesign saw the V70 lineup include the entry level 2.4T, all wheel drive XC, and the higher performance T5.

The second generation of Volvo V70 wagons was introduced in 2001 model year (North America) and continued through model year 2007. Built using the P2 platform, the V70 mimicked the curved edges of the Volvo S60 and S80 Volvos, making it more sporty in appearance. In 2004, a facelift slightly changed the tail lights, grille, bumpers, and offered more comfortable seating.

This V70 shared Volvo’s P2 platform with the S80, S60, XC70, and XC90.

Both first-generation and second-generation V70s were powered by Volvo’s inline 5-cylinder.

We believe the Volvo 5-cylinder engine will be regarded as one of the most durable powerplants ever to grace the automotive world.

This V70’s wheelbase is 3.6 inches longer than the first-generation V70, and it’s 2.4 inches taller and 1.7 inches wider. Those extra inches provided a pleasant increase in interior space over the older model.

See the 2006 V70 R and S60 R sales brochure

In 2002, the Volvo V70/XC lineup got a new “regular” all-wheel-drive model named 2.4T AWD which featured a standard suspension and trim. Also in 2002, Volvo’s stability system — DTSC — was available for all models except the base 2.4 wagon, while being standard on the T5. Traction control was standard on all front-drive models.

The Volvo V70 2.5T AWD and XC70 got a power boost to 208 hp in model year 2003 wagons, up from 197. The fast T5’s power was up as well, to 247 horsepower. This lofty horsepower rating was once the sole property of the very fast and rare 850 R, but in 2003 it became standard on the T5. After a 5-year hiatus, the Volvo R wagon was available once again, this time with a 300-hp engine. See my (Matthew’s) 2004 V70 R‘s page.

This second-generation V70 is still being produced in Europe as the V70 Classic.

Third Generation V70

The third generation model Volvo V70 was hailed as a more up-market car than the previous generation models.

The V70 R model did not carry over to this generation, and the 2012 V70 was the last model year offered in North America. Its sister car the XC70 continued to be offered until model year 2017.

This third-generation model offered a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine, with front or all-wheel drive options. The third generation moved to a Ford EUCD platform, although it shares many of the interior features with the second generation V70.

Considered one of the most luxurious interiors in its class, the third-generation V70 wagon boasted comfort and safety features such as self-opening tailgate, an automatic parking brake, auto climate control, front and rear parking sensors, automatic windshield wipers, and heated seats.

See the third-generation V70 and XC70 forum for questions & answers, owner opinions and maintenance advice.


2001 xc replaced the rear view mirror and the key fob doesnt work. Inside lights stay onwhich drained the battery. unable to open tailgate without key fob operating. Battery recharged, fob still doesnt operate. all fuses check out. any help?

I have a Volvo XC70 and the oil light came on but it is down by only one quart. Have not driven it in 5 months except on a two mile drive on occasion. Went 10 miles today and oil light came on, so called AAA. When they dropped it off I drove it up the driveway with no problem, no light. 125,000 miles.. Would like to put a pressure gauge on the engine to be sure things are ok. I don’t know where to tap into the engine to connect the gauge. Any thoughts about this problem? Thank you.

I like cool obscure Volvo that people don’t know is rare, But I do not know everything. I know that its first-generation they made the V70 R, which was the turbo R (Refined) V70. I also know that the second-generation you could get a V70 D5, which was a diesel five-cylinder. So I was wondering if anyone out there has a gen two (2001-2007) V70 R D5 (diesel)? If so please let me know because I can’t find one or the production numbers! So before I say that they do not exist I thought that I would ask.

Hi All
V70 2.4 non turbo 2001 wagon. This car has given me nothing but a headache in the last 2 months. Up till than it was ok no major problems but this time its like a chasing a ghost.
PLEASE HELP just to get rid of this heap of shit.
1.Intermittent start about 2 months ago it started. So i figured out when it will start and that lasted for a month but it was still intermittent. Every day after that it was harder and harder and takes longer to start.
So last week i decided to poke around and try to fix this.
Have to say cold starting was much better than hot starting.
Drove it into the my garage at home and i changed the coolant sensor and thermostat.
Tried starting it and it was the same but eventually it would start.
So i thought ok change the crank sensor and i did. Now it cranks and fires every time unlike before the change but will not idle at all.
So i thought ok go back to the old coolant sensor and the crank sensor at least i know it will start sometimes. No way same shit it fires and wont idle.
No codes at all. Scanner says this vehicle has no fault codes . \
Than i did disconnect the immobilizer cleaned the contacts still the same thing no change.
I have returned all back to the original so why the hell it wont idle now but it will start ?
Vehicle stuck in the garage cant move it and its in the way.
No good taking it to the dealer they would charge more than what the car is worth.
Any ideas please?????????????????????

In my view, The 2000 V70 Volvo was one of the last, finest, “classically designed Hallmarks,” that Volvo has ever created. Quality, creativity, and integrity were the nucleus of their success, and without it, will be just another car company. Individualism is the secret, and
if I had enough money, I would buy a different color 2000 V70 Volvo, for everyday of the week.

I have a Volvo V70 wagon 2004 I’ve had the problem of the car randomly stalling some days it drives fine and doesn’t stall and other days I can be turning a corner or just driving in traffic and the car will shut off even on the freeway but usually not when going at high speeds.I read some of the suggestions that were made they seem to be reasonable so I will give them a try and see what happens if I have success with it I will let it be known and share it if not well I’ll let it be known and share it good luck

I have 2001 v70 xc with a trouble code P1625, not sure what this code means, it also saying ignition supplement power circuit low voltage, PCM system reset. Do anyone knows what all this means?

Does the abs module have any ability to affect the transmission on a 2000 v70 making it skip a gear and go into neutral for a couple of seconds before going into third gear? It feels like it’s time to replace transmission.

I tried the close pin trick between the abs module and pump about an hour ago which seems to have helped by 90%. I’m going to have the codes erased tomorrow and see if that takes care of the other 10%. I haven’t had a speedometer in over year, it’s back now.

Does this “fix” make sense to anyone? My main question is about there being any connection between the transmission and the abs module or is this a coincidental “fix” of the transmission?

I hae a 1999 V70 wagon which has had a persistent ‘check engine’ light for more than 130,000 miles. We were once able to extinguish the light long enough for the computer to resent and go through emissions, but recently the light will stay out for mo longer then 40-60 miles, and I cannot qualify for an emissions check.
We keep getting funky codes and codes for things we just replaced or which test fine. have you any ideas where to start this troubleshooting, or common failures that cause this kind of computer problem?

totally frustrated in AZ….

I am having a problem with my V70 XC and it is a starting problem. It will start easy the first time, but after I run it awhile, it will be hard to start. I have just changed the plugs and it is still doing it. Any idea what the problem could be? It shows a reduced performance message on the dash. Any help would be nice and the car still runs great. Thank you

How do you remove the low pressure refridg cap on a 2003 volvo V70 2/4T I know its under the power steering resevor but I can’t get the cap off

My volvo 1998 s70 has 210k miles runs great but at 45 MPH, There is a schimmy, thanit goes away but my check engine light is on, any ideas?

You can get heavy duty globes hard to find but worth it they are for taxis police cars and such .
Heavy duty construction makes them last .

Don’t turn on you lights till after you start your car so there is no spiking or flare the lights will last longer .
Or get a small resister in the line to reduce the total power into the lights slightly .

Javier: I have four Volvos. If you drive hard or deccelerate from highway speed the rotors ( the disc part of the disc brake) tend to warp. You need to have your rotors checked to see if they need to be “ground” or replaced to get rid of the warping that should solve the bumping while braking hard issue.

Here in Florida that is about $75 to $100 dollars for the repair, get it fixed it can a safety issue under extreme braking might start pulling left or right and you do not want that.

My 2003 volvo v70 wagon. Every time I come to a stop, it seems to bump, and the harder I brake the harder the bumping feels, does anyone know what is cousing that to happen, thanx, javier.

I have to say it! xemodex is the best. hands down customer service was great especially after being told so sorry too bad by volvo about my wifes v70 etm problem. xemodex asked for my vin and the part was there the next morning. it was easy to install and went flawlessly. now my wife is back on the road again. gratification that only comes from diy. my wife thinks im a genius. thanks xemodex! and for those of you who have recommended them. if this is the example of how business is done in canada then we americans are in some deep s..t. they completely went above and beyond what i expected. cheers to xemodex eh!?

my xc70 volvo shifts into manual mode from auto drive mode just by touching the shiter lever, what would be the part that controls this?

About the windows going up/down… most likely you will need to take your car to the dealer or and independent shop that can reprogram the modules in the windows. It only takes a few minutes… but not sure what the shops in your area would charge for this operation… most likely the 1 hour diag fee……

when i lift the switch on my electric windows on the volvo v70 the windows go up and when they get to the top they come sraight back down. Can someone tell me if there is a solution to repair this? Thanks

I have a 2001 V70 XC wagon and it has a rattle,loss of power and I thought I smelled a burning smell inside while in drive.I am worried that it may be the transmission.What do you think?Thanks,Carla.

2000 v70 tailgate cover comes loose and rattles. Plastic retaining clips break or come off mount surfaces. Is there a fix?

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