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V70R Fuel & Emissions Pipe Routing

V70R Fuel & Emissions

Pipe Routing

MVS Volvo Forums member scot850 (Neil) drops a very nice documentation of 2000 V70R fuel/emissions pipe routing.

As I have taken a whole load of photos, and can take more in needed, I will do this in stages, and feel free to chip in and ask for clarification.

Firstly, I will start with the fuel lines. There is an area of overlap, and there are some that may be considered to be in both camps. I am still trying to identify 2 of the fuel pipe part numbers as /I intend to replace them due to excessive rust on the metal parts of the pipes where they enter the fuel pumps.

Fuel & Emissions Pipe Routing

On this model of vehicle (post 1998) there is only one ‘fuel’ line from front to back. This pipe has an awkward to reach connection to the rear of the engine block on the RH side of the engine bay. With help from the dealer, I have previously posted that this pipe disconnects using a plastic collar that needs to be pushed into the ‘dome’ of the metal end part of the pipe that runs to the rear to disconnect it. I used a 10mm open wrench to help give more leverage to push the collar in. I’m told the end part (which is aluminum) has a problem of corroding and may make it difficult or impossible to remove. If that is the case, you ma have to cut the pipe to the rear of the connection to the raer of the car, and then have to fish out the pipe to the injector rail to remove the last part. Another way may be to carefully use a small metal saw to slit the connector length wise to allow you to ‘peel’ the connector off the pipe end without removing the pipe to the injector head.

2000 V70R – AWD fuel/emissons pipe routing

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