Need a VIDA/DiCE Vendor Recommendation? Here Are Several.

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Complimenting an older VIDA/DiCE – Which One To Buy megathread is this newer Volvo forum topic about where to get VIDA/DiCE.

Sourcing VIDA/DiCE

stoutlogic »

Anyone have a vendor or Ebay seller with a good Vida/ Dice setup? My research shows these setups seem to be really hit or miss. Additionally the software installation seems like its always a nightmare. A link to a good setup would be much appreciated.

zjevik »

This is where I bought mine last October: … Sw3mpXHxW2 It’s still working and I’m pretty happy with it.

There is a virtual image with installed Vida – viewtopic.php?t=55027&start=110. I would strongly recommend you to use it because I once spent a few days to install Vida and it was painful :oops:

Let me know if you need help to install it but it should be pretty straight forward. First install Oracle VM VirtualBox and then you import the virtual image. Once the virtual PC is running you have to connect Dice and choose to use Dice in the virtual PC. Then you run Vida-All-In-One and use 2 as the username.

neworleans »

Here is what I got and I have no issues so far. … UTF8&psc=1

oragex »

This persons sells the whole kit- including working laptop. I think he ships to US as well … 91&page=13

stoutlogic »

Thank you all for your responses.

Is there any difference between the DICE and Super Dice? Any reason to order one over the other? I going to pull the trigger on a unit to today most likely from Ebay.

Installing VIDA

I just spent 2 nights installing Vida. Here’s some hints:

If your Win 7 32 bit installation has anything higher than IE8 pre-installed don’t try to install as Microsoft no longer provides downloads of IE8 for 32 bit operating systems. You can’t even get IE9 for a 32 bit OS. Also the inherent IE11 version in current build Win 7 32 bit won’t allow a full de-installation of IE11; If you uninstall IE11 and try to run the setup for IE8 it will call up incompatibility messages.

I found an old Win 7 Home 32 bit disc (yes you can use it quite easily by massaging the registry to make Vida think it’s Win 7 Professional). Look this up on You Tube. There is a video in German but you’ll get the point.
This older Win 7 32 bit has IE8 pre-installed so it’s ideal.

If you’ve tried to download and install packages such as .NET Framework 4.5 or SQL Server you must totally uninstall them. Also you must delete previous VIDA and VIDA SAVES folders from Program folders in order to achieve a clean install. Then reboot and try from scratch.

I used Vida 2014A and it works well. There is a Comp.Info file in the Vida folders to edit if your system RAM is under 2.7GB
The laptop I used had only 2.1GB usable RAM because video memory was taking about 1.9GB so I edited Comp.Info to 1500MB in the Win 7 memory script.

Because you need to edit this file you must copy the Vida install files from DVD to your hard drive and Right Click them-choose Properties and Uncheck Read-Only before trying to edit Comp.Info

Hope this helps some people out there.

VRD: Need a Vida/ Dice vendor recommendation

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