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Volvo 240 AC Fix

AC DIY fixesMVS Forums member edelmatt  asks how to approach getting his 240 DL’s air conditioning  to function again… including if it isn’t easier to switch wholesale to the more modern R134a AC system. From his post in the Volvo 240 forum:

Working down the list of ills for my 1990 240, the AC is up next. It appears to be the original R12 system. I gather this by the fact that there is still the ‘factory fill’ fitting downstream of the drier.

Unfortunately I can not find any specific diagnostic guide for this year of 240. I don’t even know where I would connect a manifold diagnostic gauge. Would the service ports be around the receiver/drier, compressor, or condenser? If the receiver/drier, do I then need to remove all the interior panels to reach the service ports? The most likely seems to be that both high/low ports are on the compressor and a PITA to get to.

1990 240 wagon ac project