Volvo 240 Wagon Timing Belt Replacement

The tensioner is a spring loaded eccentric held by the center fastener. You’ll have to pry this outward and tighten the nut to hold it while routing the belt. Loosening and tightening the tensioner nut will set it in place.

Volvo 240 Wagon Timing Belt Replacement + Tensioner Tips

Before removing the old belt, loosen the tensioner nut and pull or push on the belt. You’ll see the tensioner move and understand it’s action better. Reloading the spring and tensioner takes a bit of concentration.

89 240 “Complete” T Belt-Tensioner, Water Pump Replacement

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  1. what keeps the crank shaft pulley from spinning ?
    the timing belt gear appears to be in perfect condition, but i can’t keep the pulley tight enough against it to keep it from just spinning. this started as i was driving down the road last week, it’s in the yard now awaiting me to fix it.
    is there a key that connects the crank to the pulley thats missing ?

    completely confused here !

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