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Volvo 850 Antenna Mast Broken, Won’t Pull Out

Volvo 850 Antenna Mast Im000440.jpg -
Volvo 850R
Credit: Autoforum / CC BY-SA (

Volvo 850 Antenna Mast Broken?

Removing the Volvo 850 Antenna Mast

What to pull, what to push, what to yank, and when to give up and buy a replacement.

850 Antenna Mast Won’t Pull Out

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“You just need to replace the mast. They are cheap…less than $20.00. No need to open up the motor. No need to even get into the trunk area to expose it. Just loosen the antenna retaining nut at the top of the antenna on the body, remove the sleeve and keep turning the radio on and pulling. It will come completely out. To replace, just slide the plastic piece all the way in, and turn the radio off so it will grab the piece and pull the antenna mast in. Once it’s in all the way re-tighten the nut at the top of the antenna. It’s very simple and really the only way to deal with one that is bend it to replace it.”

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Richard Lane says:

First problem: on my 1993 Volvo 940 the cruise control will not activate when it is switched on. Does anyone know what
the most likely defects are? I suspect the brake switch or
the vacuum pump but do not know how to check them out.

Second problem: On the same car how does one remove the inside air vent control nozzle on the right upper end of the dash?

Any help will be most appreciated, thanks, RLL

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