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Volvo 850 Center Console Switch Fix

volvo 850 center console

Have a volvo 850? Need to fix the center console switch? Read on!

Take a look at what our MVS forum member TED has to say about his volvo 850 center console switch fix. I just changed out my center console switches (my 2 rear window switches didn’t work for rolling the window back up). Here’s the easy way to do the work… you have to remove the console to change the window/mirror switch. Remove the coin holder / OBD cover Under it, you will find 1 of the 2 screws that holds the cigarette lighter / change holder assembly to the underside of the dash. Both screws are torx. Remove the front small console, unplugging the 2 wires to the lighter, and the light should just slide out. Located down below the holder will be 2 screws, remove them. Down inside where the 2 screws are (down in the botton) there are 2 large wiring harnesses… remove them both. 1 controls your window swith, the other one controls your heated seats and tranny switch. They should gently just pull out from their sockets. Open your center console arm rest, pop off the little plate, and you will find 2 screws there. Remove them. Remove the little plate that sits under the parking brake, it should just pop out. Set the parking brake, so the handle is as high as you can go. You’ll need it up for 2 reasons…

1) Put the car in drive, so the shifter is pulled back. 2) To keep your car from rolling away while you are working from the passenger seat. 🙂 The conole should now lift out cleanly… as 1 assembly. If you are going to remove the window control panel you need to do all of this from underneath the console, so take your console to a workbench where you have plenty of space to work.

There are 3 gold clips you need to remove from the passenger side of the console. They hold the wiring harness onto the console. A small flathead screwdriver works best. The window / mirror switch will come out from the top of the console, wiring and all.. You will then see the seat and trans switches are easy to remove. The whole removal can be done in less than 30 minutes. If you have other questions, let me know. It was a simple process. Ted

850 Center Console Switch Fix

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