Volvo 850 cermamic brakes or OEM?

Q “I am about to redo brakes and rotors on front and rear… I was wondering if the ceramic pads are worth the little extra they cost. I should i stick to the oem volvo pads which i believe are semi metallic. Are cross drilled rotors an additional plus ? Are they worth the extra for an every day driver or are they just a pad eater?”

A “Cross drilled rotors are a cosmetic upgrade only, and most available are of poor quality. Stick with a good quality OEM rotor.”

Volvo 850 ceramic brakes or oem?

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  1. Definitely go for the ceramic brake pads. In my experience with the track and high speed driving, organic brakes pads can handle 1 good high speed stop before they fade. Semimetallics on 302mm rotors are good for 2-3 high speed stops before fade sets in. Ceramic pads on 302mm rotors are good for 4-5 stops before fade starts. Also the ceramics seem to squeal less than the semimetallics.

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