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Volvo 850’s Heat Shield Recall Expired

Volvo 850 Heath Shield Recall - Volvo850 Kombi -
Volvo 850 Estate Wagon, made by Volvo, photo taken by Mangan 2002 – use and credit via Creative Commons.

Let’s talk about the Volvo 850 Heat Shield Recall

Warning: Some Recalls Can Expire – Like the Volvo 850 Heat Shield Recall

Don’t wait like I did. When they arrive in the mail, get them done.

Truth is stranger than fiction: recalls can and do expire. 

That’s what happened, why the recall isn’t in the dealer’s service computers. Volvo North America phone rep Tracy is asking the dealer today to waive the expiration and do the fuel tank heat shield repair. I’ll update this thread with the resolution.

Fumes crept into the cabin the other day, which is why I’m doing this now. Funny how the smell of gasoline will trigger your memory that you’ve skipped a recall.

Volvo 850 Heat Shield Recall Expired

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Anyway, the resolution:

The recall expired on December 31, 2008. On Monday, VCNA paid for the heat shield work, and it was done quickly at Rickenbaugh. The service manager was apologetic and gracious about the whole thing, stressing that his hands were tied unless VCNA paid for it.

The recall for the gas tank heat shield has been extended — according to the VCNA rep — to December 31, 2009.

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