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Volvo 850 Outer CV Joint Data

CV Joint Data

MVS Contributor Northernlights takes our understanding of 850 (and P80) axles and multiplies it by 100.

I have had a torn drivers side outer CV boot on my 94 850 Turbo for longer than I care to admit. Because it wasn’t making noise, I was originally planning on cleaning, regreasing and rebooting the axle, but as I investigated replacement parts there seemed to be confounding information on the CV axles.

Looking at interchange or aftermarket information didn’t really help, because it seemed like within reason, i.e. any car with a 4spd auto, everything physically interchanged. But, I found different part numbers for outer boots based on turbo/non turbo, but no easy way of identifying what I had, or what I needed.

While the aftermarket support is pretty good for these cars, as can be seen from the no-core prices for complete CV axles, I wanted to stick with OEM if possible for quality reasons. The boots in particular seem to be a problem in that often the aftermarket stuff doesn’t last. This meant I needed to find out what was really out there, and compare parts to find out what I could use. It turned into a bigger project than I expected as I tried to determine what these cars were originally supplied with.

The grease capacity of the joints is as follows:
OEM NA outer joint 80g
OEM Turbo outer joint 120g
Inner joint, NA or Turbo, 190g

Volvo 850 Outer CV Joints

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