Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70 Control Arm Replacement

MVS Forums Moderator Ozark Lee tells us how to do a control arm replacement on P80 Volvos:

Volvo control arm DIY

 “I thought for sure that we had a writeup on control arms but we sure don’t. I would like to say that it is just 3 bolts and you are done but it is never that easy. The Haynes manual is pretty good there but I guess I need to do a writeup on the next one that I change. That doesn’t help you now.

With all of the fat boiled away it really is a matter of removing three bolts, removing the control arm, and then bolting the replacement back in but there are some “Gotchas” along the way.

Before you even start I would order new hardware unless you are buying a blue box kit, it comes with new hardware. The part numbers for the kits (with hardware) are 271901 for the left and 271902 for the right. If you are buying what they call OEM from FCP or eEuroparts then you will also need to order (per control arm) 2x 965195, 2x 971099, 1x 965186, and 1x 971098.”

DIY 850, S70, V70, XC70 Control Arm Replacement

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  1. #1 — dirctions for replacing rear suspension bushings os a 2000 V70 (two wheel drive only) Volvo
    I have had a quick look through the write ups and see no complete information and step by step dirctions and other helpful information such as special tools etc.
    #2 — Dirctions andspecial tool listing for replacing the timing belt only ( nearly 80k ago the timingbelt,waterpump & tightner were all replaced. It will be time to replace the belt in the fall this year.
    therefore I would like to have information on how tos.

    thank you for all input.

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