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Volvo 850 Transmission Solenoid Replacement DIY

Volvo 850 Transmission Solenoid
MVS Forums contributor and fearless Volvo DIY’er polskamafia mjl tackles the  Volvo 850 Transmission Solenoid Replacement DIY:

This is a write up for replacing the shift solenoids in the AW50-42 transmission on a Volvo 850. My particular car is a 1995 model and the S1 and S2 solenoids are different. Earlier models had S1 and S2 as the same solenoid. This explains why many Volvo parts vendors have the same part number for S1 and S2. On 95 and later model cars with Aw50-42 auto transmissions, S1 should be 5040310002N, S2 is 6843783 and the lock up solenoid is 6843784. Most vendors have the solenoids for $100+ online; I got mine from Trans Parts Direct. Theirs are $23- $25 so much, much cheaper: Trans Parts Direct AW50-42 solenoids.

Tools Required:

  1. Metric Socket Sets (Short and Deep)
  2. Metric Socket Sets (Short and Deep)
  3. 3/8″ Drive T40 Bit (I had a short one and a slightly longer one, I found both were very helpful)
  4. 1/4″ Drive T40 Bit
  5. 3/8″ Drive Ratchet
  6. 1/4″ Drive Ratchet
  7. Metric Set of Open/Box End Wrenches (7mm and up)
  8. 24mm Box End Wrench
  9. 22mm Open End Wrench and/or Crowfoot Wrench
  10. Mix of long and short extensions for the ratches
  11. U joints
  12. Snap Ring Pliers
  13. Needle Nose Pliers
  14. Flat Head Screw Drivers (Long and Short)
  15. T25 driver or socket
  16. Floor Jack
  17. Jack Stands
  18. Scissors/Tin Snips
  19. Torque Wrench
  20. Magnet Tool

Volvo 850 Transmission Solenoid Replacement DIY

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