Volvo 940 Front brake job, fluid flush DIY

Volvo 940 Front brake job DIY tutorial - removing lug nuts

Front brake disc (rotor) replacement on the 940, with photographs. Can be used for all models.

Recommended tools:

  • one can of Brakleen
  • one can of PB Blaster
  • breaker bar
  • assorted sizes of six point sockets
  • hex head sockets
  • open end wrenches, preferably six point
  • universal joint
  • brake piston compressor tool
  • torque wrench
  • old paintbrush
  • brand-new turkey baster
  • a piece of sturdy wire
  • CRC brake grease
  • Motive brake bleeder
  • Motive catch bottle (worth springing for)
  • safety glasses
  • dust mask

Brake fluid will remove paint and is highly poisonous. Please follow safety steps recommended by professionals.

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