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Volvo Air Damper Operating?

volvo air damper

How to find out if your air damper is operating.

Our MVS forum members spend some time discussing their issues and fixes related to the Volvo air damper. A common problem that comes up is cold air or smells coming through the vent even though the damper is completely closed. Some members have had luck bringing their Volvo into a certified Volvo mechanic and others have gone the DIY route. Read on to see if you can find answer or offer up advice for your or other members Volvo air damper troubles.

MVS Forum Member Gene51 asks:

A newbie to this forum,

Just got a 94 850 wagon with manual air and I have ahd a couple of problems that are related. In slow traffic or idling, there was a smell coming through the vents that reminded me of blow by. Closing the recirculating air damper had no effect on the smell coming in. As it turned out the PCV system was clogged and oil and crankcase gases were blowing past the dipstick. The dealer rectified this under warranty, however he neglected to take a look at the damper issue. I suspect that the air damper is not closing, either because the servo is not operating or the actuating rod that connects the damper to the motor has somehow become disengaged. Before I start taking things apart looking for this problem, has anyone had a similar problem? Is there anything else I should be looking at? And lastly, where are these components located? Are they easy to get to?

Thanks in advance for any asisstance I can get.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan relied:

It’s been discussed here before. On early 850’s especially there was an issue with a plastic arm slipping off of the air damper motor. This particular motor is located behind the glove box, up high. If you don’t find a better answer, you might want to check that location to see if it has indeed slipped off. However, most with this problem also complain of a strange clicking sound in that area.

Air Damper Operating?

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