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Volvo Cruise Control Fixes – 850, S70, V70 Points of Failure?

Try these Volvo Cruise Control Fixes if yours stops working.
Steering wheel of a 1998 Volvo V70 taken in 2004.
Credit via Wikimedia Commons: SamH / CC BY-SA (

Here are some Volvo cruise control fixes to work through if the cruise control on your Volvo stops working.

“The stem could be the problem. On my S70, I took it apart and found a broken wire. After soldering the two ends together and shrink wrapping the connection, all was good.

However, this is not usually the point that is the problem. Here are a couple of other common Volvo cruise control fixes to consider:

Usually, it’s a broken hose on the cruise control pump that resides under the battery tray; or

The stop/brake light switch that is associated with the brake pedal has broken.

I checked both of these places out first before finally taking my turn signal stalk out and apart. Good luck and let us know how things go.”

’95 850 Cruise Control points of failure?

With Volvo’s Adaptive Cruise Control, you can have your car maintain a preset speed or interval / spacing from the vehicle in front of you. This is made possible by the use of a a camera and a radar sensor to detect slower-moving in front of you. Together, they monitor the road and vehicles ahead of you and automatically adjust your vehicle’s speed. Be sure to always pay attention and keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel even when you have Adaptive Cruise Control engaged.


V70 manual 2005 estate . Cruise control info on dash bord comes on only at standstill or when in gear with clutch pressed down. When driving on motorway cruise control does not engage and nothing showing on dash bord …….please help ,,,,,!

Josh Rogers says:

Yes, to replace stem, you have to remove steering wheel. It is suprisingly easy though. I recently bought a new stem and swapped it out in about half an hour. Unfortunately, this did not resolve my issue. I’ve also looked at hoses near the vacuum pump because its a common failure point due to battery acid eating up hoses.

Everything looks fine. Next I need to check the brake kill switch and/or verify the pump is working well (not sure how to do this though!)

adventurer2112 says:

HI All,
Newbie. I replaced the under hood cruise control relay, under driver’s side brake switch, and vacuum switch, with salvage yard parts. Still no change, cruise control not working.
To check stem do I have to remove steering wheel?
Thanks in advance


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