Volvo Dismantler

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Volvo Dismantlers third row seat

Volvo Dismantler

Volvo owners and enthusiasts the world over are often in search both common and rare parts for their vehicles. Finding a quality Volvo dismantler is one thing but finding one in your area is a whole other story. We need to provide current and reliable information to help aid in our hunt for the parts and service we’re seeking. What do you have to say about your experience in finding and dealing with Volvo dismantlers?

RVS User RV asked:

I Bought a 1998 T-5 with a Manual Transmission. low original miles. Used very lightly by an older couple. I am interested in finding a third row seat, no hurry. Anyone compiled a list of Scrapyards or Dismantlers that specialize in Volvos? I would be interested in having it. If not maybe you could list your local yard that has a lot of volvo parts.

RVS User answered:

There are often seats on Ebay

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