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Volvo Fog Light Troubleshooting

volvo fog light

How to diagnose a troublesome fog light.

A Volvo fog light is mounted just below the head lights to have a more dispersed lighting pattern that will allow the driver to have a wider, better and clearer view of the front horizon particularly the lower areas and the side portions of the car. Fog, snow, rain and other adverse situations can dynamically affect the driver’s sense of sight. The low beam of light emitted by fog lights improve the driver’s visibility since it can pass through water particles unlike other types of lights that tends to bounce which may result to glare and blind spots.

MVS Forum Member gwoiler asks:

I have a fog light that is not bright like the other side. I replaced the 55w bulb and no difference. It is orange / yellow in color. So I am thinking it needs to be taken apart and cleaned? Is that possible?

Also… many thanks to all the info here. I just bought this 1995 Turbo Wagon off ebay and have replaced the rear hatch struts, flushed the auto trany, changed the oil, and am just having fun driving this car. It had 126,000 miles when I picked it up in Florida, and then drove it home to Spokane, WA. Nice trip. I like this over my 760 wagon that I have had since 1996. Its for sale! 🙂

Why has Volvo not upgraded to adjustable intermitant wipers? And why no 2nd gear on the shifter? Many down hills here where 2nd gear would be nice so I can stay off the brakes.


MVS Forum Member mrreilly replied:

IPD Sells a Wiper Delay Control. I don’t have one, but may look into getting on. All though… I put some Rain-X on my windshield. And I now hardly use my wipers. the water glides off even in heavy rain, and you don’t even need the wipers on to see. it’s truely amazing.

MVS Forum Member gwoiler says:

There is abrasion on the bumper near tyhe fog light and even wheni it is off it looks like there is orange crud in the glass. Something is up with it. I have not removed it from the car because I need to buy some torx drivers, but just looking at it looks like it should separate into 2 pieces. But I could not do it under the car. I had thought of low voltage until I saw the colored glass.


Fog Light Troubleshooting

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