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Volvo Headliner Repair

volvo headliner

How-to: Repair you volvo headliner

When a headliner fails, it sags or falls from the roof. One can use upholstery twist pins (a flat-headed corkscrew-like pin) to effect a temporary repair, but repairs usually involve tacking or replacing the entire headliner. Heat, humidity, and time rapidly degrade the bond that the polyurethane foam has on the face fabric. As the foam oxidizes and yellows, the fabric-foam bond fails. This failure is more common in cars produced in the 1970s.

Replacing the entire headliner fabric is usually necessary as the oxidized foam can prove nearly impossible to remove from the sagging fabric. To do this one would purchase a headliner replacement kit, headliner adhesive, and a scrubbing brush

MVS Forum Member danas200 says:

Okay so I wanted a quick easier way to re-glue my headliner, and I think I’ve found it!

The following is what I performed: Have a bottle of spray glue headliner ready (“Heads up” car ceiling sagging adhesive), a

cutting tool and 10 mins. 😛

1. First I cut a small slit about 4 – 5 inch

MVS Forum Member .308 added

When the 850 first came out we found ourselves repairing those cloth covered sunroof headliner all the time. The factory approved method was to take out the glass sunroof, take out the head liner, peel back the cloth to where it was still attached or even all the way to the edge if it was neccesary and then spray some adhesive on it and smooth the cloth back out. If done properly it looks perfect and it is really not that tough.


MVS Forum Member Delboy3867 says:

Hello, I’m new to these amazing forums and could really use the contents of the photographic thread listed here. However, I’m having real trouble locating it! I can find the article about how to trip and replace headlining on a sunroof but this repair one is exactly what I’m looking for. If anyone can help me out…. Thanks, and thanks to the admin for an invaluable service – I’m a convert

Headliner Repair

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