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Volvo Hood Release Cable Replacement

Volvo Hood Release Cable works on this 67 Volvo 1800s Cruisin At The Boardwalk 10 -
1967 Volvo 1800S with working Volvo Hood Release Cable photographed in Ste. Anne De BellevueQuebecCanada at Cruisin’ At The Boardwalk 2010.
Photo credit via Wikimedia Commons: Bull-Doser / Public domain

Eventually, your car’s Volvo Hood Release Cable will break. That is likely because of corrosion, or just the cable or other parts becoming worn from use. The cable will likely snap at either end, at the hood release handle or at the spring lever. That will make you unable to open or close your hood in the usual manner. When this happens, this is how to replace it.

Here is how to replace your hood release cable if it breaks making opening (or closing) your hood inoperable. Many thanks to MVS Volvo Forum member tailor for working in sub-degree temperatures to document this fix and then for posting it up here!

Hood release cable replacement

The hood release cable part will cost anywhere from around $20 to $60, depending on where you buy it. There are a number of good videos on YouTube, if you need to see more than tailor’s photos that are part of this discussion, that walk you through the process on a variety of different Volvo models. There are also at least two other posts on this blog about this topic – see links below.

An important piece of the puzzle if your hood release is broken while your hood is closed is how to open it. Here’s a guide to how to approach accomplishing that task if it happens to you:

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