Volvo News For April 2020

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Here is all of the Volvo News For April 2019

MVS Moderator Donation Starts… NOW. This is the first one in a year.

What not to do to your Volvo. Do not do these things.

PDF collection is growing! I’m always accepting Volvo documents.

See the latest on RobertDIY’s efforts to have P80 R front bumpers and seat leather reproduced and sold here in the US.

The Great P80 Volvo Bloopers – Idiots – Fails Thread – April 2020. How have you F’ed up?

Look at this amazing paint restoration. It’s… I’m at a loss for words.

“Just purchased a 2004 S60 R.” Battery keeps draining.

You know when the Bat-logo is projected on the clouds for Batman? This is that. You need to buy this beauty black ’98 T5 wagon.

Volvo turned 93 years old last week.

“After having some trouble finding an amp from a V70 I settled on a C70 4*100W amp.” How to install C70 amp into S/V70 or 850.

We have a coronavirus thread which is currently 58 pages. Let us know how you’re doing, what you’re doing.

Watch a 1999 C70 T5M blast up to 160MPH.

How to tell if the engine mounts are bad? “I’m chasing down a slight vibration at highway speeds.”


Atucker1 Red 850 -
atucker1‘s red 850 after paint correction


Although it’s old, this is a gem:

This thread makes me feel like a velvet Elvis painter in a room full of Picassos, Dalis, and Sergels.

abscate — from this thread

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