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Volvo Oil Sump O-Ring Replacement

Volvo Oil Sump O-Ring

If you’re replacing your Volvo’s O-Ring, make sure to find the right kit.

Lifter noise may be caused by insufficient oil pressure that may be caused from a leaking o-ring in the oil sump area. If replacement of the o-ring is necessary please make sure to use a kit which contains the oil pan seals, dipstick tube o-ring as well as an oil lined o-ring.

Car presented with engine making a moderately loud tapping noise, and via OBD-II a fault code was found to be stored for the variable engine valve timing solenoid. Upon inspection the technician noted that engine oil pressure warning light wire was disconnected. We connected wire and engine oil pressure warning light came on. A check of engine oil pressure with mechanical gauge showed pressure to be very low at idle, about 5 PSI, gauge is unsteady and flutters. During extended idle the reading will nearly drop to nearly zero at times. The low and unsteady gauge reading indicates possible cavitations in oil pressure.

Volvo has a somewhat common problem of defective oil pump pick up seals. These small rubber sealing rings serve to connect the engine oil pickup, located in the oil pan, to the engine block where the actual oil pump is located. After several years and thousands miles of engine heat, these seals become hardened and allow air to enter into the oil pickup system, preventing the oil pump from drawing the proper amount of oil. Early symptoms are a oil pressure light on at idle, or an engine that sounds unusually loud, often a tapping noise, at idle.

MVS Forum Member coolscheid asks:

Does anyone know how difficult it is to replace the sump seals on my 99 S70? The engine started making a ticking noise a while back. I took it to the dealer and they said “don’t worry about it, its just the fuel injectors”. I just had it in today, and asked them again what the problem is (1 year later mind you), and now they said its going to cost me $400 to replace the sump seals, and that is no guarantee that it will fix the problem. The parts cost $90, its the labor. I would like to attempt this myself, but am unsure of what I am going to get into. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

MVS Forum Member White850Turbo replied:

$400 isn’t too bad for doing an o-ring. The $90 they’re charging for o-rings is the part I find disturbing. The most difficult part of the job is moving the power steering lines out of the way, but I’d say it’s possible for a weekend mechanic to do it with the right tools.

MVS Forum Member saltydog added:

90 bucks for parts is bogus unless they’re trying to ding you for a couple of tubes of Volvo sealant for the pan…..just make sure that this will ease your pain – do you have an oil light while running? can you see inside the cam cover – See a lot of sludge? Check out some other threads in this forum lately as this seems to be an emerging issue with a lot of us – sludged up motors. Have you ever replaced the flame trap (PCV box)? I’ll lay odds that when they drop the pan, your $400.00 job will take on a life of it’s own. 🙁

Oil Sump O Ring Replacement Procedure

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