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IPD Great for upgrades and great for replacement parts…very friendly and stand behind everything 100% of the time. MVS SPONSOR.
XeMODeX XeMODeX is a Canadian manufacturer and re-manufacturer of Volvo parts widely renown for their outstanding ETM and modules for 1990s-modern day Volvo cars. MVS SPONSOR. Free shipping over $49, unlimited returns, and Lifetime Warranty – no strings attached. MVS SPONSOR
Midwest ABS Longtime MVS member and contributor Matty Moo runs this business, and to be perfectly frank, has taken much of the ABS repair business because of his fast, friendly, inexpensive service. MVS Contributor.

Dave’s Volvo Page
Dave’s Volvo Page Dave runs a 240 dream site. Fantastic information and a plethora of 240 parts for sale. They specialize in upolstery and general parts for 1940s Volvos up to the Volvo 240 model. Good people, fast shipping, recommended. Great owner, plus a money-back guarantee. Save money vs. buying odo gears at parts stores.
Victor Rocha Victor Rocha is a highly-repected ABS module rebuilder. Some nice upgrades…dimming mirror / antena down switch, etc. for cheap. Sadly, circa 2010, these guys stopped shipping out of state in most cases. Give em a try though. Driveshaft, CV Joints


I have used Midest ABS, IPD, FCPEURO and have nothing but great experiences with them all. I am in the process of re-building or restoring a 1998 S70 t5 and have put a lot of new parts on the car and these people have treated me VERY WELL

Have had long experience with IPD, moderate experiences with FCP and Parts Geek. In my experience I’ve had mostly excellent experience from IPD with only one major exception. The result was that, in that specific case (replaced an 850R PCV setup) they denied what was promised in an earlier call….that they will “stand behind their product 100%”. Maybe 90%? Their prices aren’t always the highest and delivery is not an issue (I live in the local Portland area). FCP and were both good the great. Got everything I ordered as promised but getting clear accounting of my invoices wasn’t always easy. I did return only one item, a core for an alternator to PartsGeek and even though I was late (beyond the 30 day max) they gave me a full refund. Shipping cost to return was a bit high which increased the overall price for me. Overall very good experiences with all. IPD, FCp and Partsgeek.

+ 1 for autopartsway dot ca
I am in the process of trying to return some cv boots to them that although they are the right part number do not fit my car, so we’ll see how this goes.

I recently bought a second hand Volvo XC90 that was originally sold in Canada, then imported to the UK. Now, since I am in France, I have had to change the head lights to correspond to French stanards. Hence, I have two sets of head lights (Canadian and UK standards respectively) that I cannot use and they are fully functionnal and in good condition. How can I get them to a person who can use them, and perhaps earn a buck or two in the process (these things, both new and second hand, cost a fortune, so I am sure that someone out there would be happy to get them at a fair price?!). Thanks for your help. // Jesper

I agree with Matt 100% about

When compared to ipd they beat their prices something fierce! IT’s like 25% off of ipd’s prices.

These are the 2 things that I was pricing, they are the exact same parts, numbers match and everything.
Volvo Blower Motor Resistor – Behr Part # 8693262
List Price: $135.97 Your Price: $85.49
$104.60 PER EACH PLUS $10.22 S&H = $114.82

Save $29.33 with a 25.54% discount!
Volvo Blower Motor – Behr 9171479
List Price: $315.85 Your Price: $230.71
$296.07 PLUS $11.82 S&H = 307.89

SAVE $77.18 WITH A 25.06% DISCOUNT

EEUROPARTS also has…
Free Shipping Over $50
60-day Refund Policy
30-day Price Match
365-day Part Warranty

They will get my business. Thanks Matt!

Dealer site with searchable parts for Volvo, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury and Mazda. I’ve compared their prices to everyone else online that I can find, including many of those listed above, and they are way cheaper. Complete with diagrams. has every diagram AND part numbers (which are handy when searching the web), but a little higher price.

I had bad bad throttle unint on my 2000 S70. Volvo dealer quoted me over $1200 for the replacement job and programming!!!
Throttle module Volvo provides has a high rate of failure due to the wear of carbon tracts. I found company called Xemodex which specializes in replacements of electronic modules for European cars. They do not only repair units, but also adress weak points of OEM design. Throttle unit came already pre-programmed saving me $180 in dealer programing fee plus the unit des not use carbon tracks but contact-less, digital Throttle Position Sensors which they designed!
I am really impressed and would like to recomend their web site.

Just wanted to agree with Ed O’Brian. I think they outsource everything. They know nothing about Volvos and twice sent me the wrong parts and their customers service was no help. Don’t buy parts from them or you’ll regret it.

July 27th 2012, I sent $200. and my ABS module to Victor Rocha to have my ABS module repaired. When he returned it I still had ABS Trac malfunctioning. I sent it back to him for further testing September 21,2012. He refuses to answer my emails and letters.
I had my wife inquire about procuring his services through her account and he responded immediately, so we know he has not died. Not only am I out several hundred dollars but he still has my unit and now I am forced to spend $800. to Volvo for a replacement unit. If you take money for a service and you don’t perform it is referred to as theft of service. If you take someone’s ABS unit and don’t return it, it’s called just plain theft. Based on my experience, he should be removed as a recommended service

Just thought id point out that doesn’t accept the coupon code ‘mvs’. Also, i just ordered a part from and they gave me a discount.

After checking out FCPG and Eeuroparts and some others, it’s a good idea to also check Sometimes they can beat their deals on the same items. Btw, Matthews used to get credit for shopping at Amazon but I don’t see the link anymore for it.

i have a 2005 s80 with cabin temperature problems. i can drive all day with the heating on full and it just blows cold air another time it will take your skin off the same with the air conditioning you put it on full cold and you still have to open the windows as it too hot inside another time its freezing.. i have been told it might be the cabin sensor is this tru or is there a bigger problem.

PARTS GEEK has a very good parts selection, great prices and lightning fast delivery. However, if you have to return a part, their customer service / returns is the worst I have ever encountered. You’ll do great with them – until you have to return a part!

My abs controller on my 2000 s70 was causing all weird signs like the odometer stopped working,various lights were on on my dash, etc. Local volvo dealer said he knew what the problem was (but he did not share the info with me!)and that the controller would have to be replaced for appr. $1000.00. Found Victor Rocha on the net in Feb- Mar 2012; thank goodness. He fixed it for $160.00 with one way shipping. He was very response by email. This Florida owner is a happy camper.

I had ordered a lot of parts in one order to Parts Geek and they all arrived quickly but all in different packages and 4 deliveries. That was fine but I never recieved an invoice for the total order. I could’ve sworn I ordered a turn signal also but I have no way of seeing the order again. I have spent to many hours trying to reach them by phone, left messages for a return phone call, and left e-mails. i simply want to see a total invoice!!! They do have very good prices and correct parts, but customer service is for sure enough to give them up!!!

hi and good day
can u help me to send all file info on 2008 volvo v70 2.0L 4cyL M/T transmission
smart key .i want all wir all electronics unit .how can i mack reprogramming ato all unit .pincode
thanks all u doing for me

RE: IPD Parts. I have dealt with them for over 30 years. I have kept my volvo’s running on mostly IPD parts. Maybe 5 or 6 times over that time frame I have received a part with a problem. I have found them always courteous and very quick shipping on products. As a volvo resource I don’t think you will find their equal. If there is ever a problem they immediately take care of it without a hassle. May their tribe increase.

I agree with the Ed O’Brien, BEWARE OF PARTS GEEK!!! Wasted a lot of time and money trying to deal with those jerks.

i have a big problem here.i need volvo turbo 850 to replace my whole deskbox component or head of volvo engine including deskbox.if anyone can get me out of these problem.tqvm.

I have also ordered from many times and they have always had great prices and great service. Between my kids and myself we have 6 volvos and I do all the work on all of them so I am constanly buying parts.

Very pleased with Steingold Volvo ( Placed an order for load bars and a bike rack and received a confirmation email immediately. They even called me to verify the model of my Volvo to ensure proper fitting. Load bars and rack arrived in perfect condition with all the instructions included. Looks like they keep a pretty good size inventory too..would recommend them for sure.

used victor he was very helpful 1st unit was bad sent 2nd right out fixed car. 2000 s80 with christmas tree dash lights. very happy in indiana !!!! found him on this web sight

Looking for a rear wing for a 1998 v70 T-5 (Red) if anyone out there knows where I can get one reasonably I’d appreciate the Info.

I have bought from ipd, fcp groton and partsgeek in the past and I had only positive experience with all of them. Fcp groton has a light fast delivery and so does partsgeek, ipd is slower and more expensive, exception to few “performance” parts from ipd all the others are available from the other two stores (fcp and partsgeek) so unless you feel like spending more for the same product I’d say do your homework thoroughly. As for the performance parts again do your homework thoroughly, buying one performance part doesn’t necessarily improve your experience dramatically. I often see people spending lots of $ for parts that alone don’t do more than the regular ones …

In the past I purchased cheap, thin, and brittle floor mats from IPD that cracked. They are not like my 240 original Volvo mats. They just said it had been a cold winter, no refund or exchange. Very disappointed.

I have used in Canada for my parts. They have a fair selection and some OE parts. They have warehouses in Canada and deal in Canadian funds. I am happy with the service so far.

Sent my ABS contoller to Victor Rocha for repair. Recieved an e-mail that he repaired it and would send it back to me……still waiting and he is no longer reponding to e-mail.

I have ordered several things from partsgeek and had great service. That included a return.

fcp groton i bought driveshaft axles for my volvo s40 t4 but i could use them only 500 km. they are not selling oem driveshafts only cheap chinese imitations

You should remove from your list of online stores – they have absolutely terrible customer service, and an even worse return policy. My experience is not unique, in fact, if you read the negative reviews, you’ll find that my experience is very common. Basically, they have a poor inventory system and routinely ship the wrong part(s) – while they will issue an RMA, the customer gets stuck paying for shipping charges both ways. They will not take responsibility for shipping the wrong part – if you purchase a heavy part, shipping is expensive, so you’re really screwed. If you get lucky and receive the correct part, the prices are great, but it’s not worth the risk – I won’t gamble by purchasing from them again.