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Volvo PZEV Models Mean Odd Parts

Let’s talk about Volvo PZEV Models

Do You Own a Volvo PZEV model?

Volvo PZEV Models (Partial Zero Emission Vehicle) indicates substantially different parts and service intervals for your Volvo.

“As indicated by some of my prior posts, I have had a dilemma or two with some parts, locating fuel filter, etc. I discovered last night through some reading (which I should have done in the 1st place) my car is a 2.4l engine code 64. Which translates into the PZEV low emissions model. Apparently the PZEV was only sold in a handful of states in the northeast and California.

My manual states the t-belt service on the PZEV model is to be done at 150k, I just did mine at 77k, why would the interval be different? Also, the tensioner for this car is different, which I discovered, but didn’t really understand why until now. All of the PZEV (V70 04 anyway), models will have the steel gas tank and the fuel filter located inside. Which now explains why after much searching we couldn’t find it.”

04 Volvo v70 PZEV Model

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1 Comment

Thank you for helping us on our beloved volvo 2001 v70 t5
But its slower than my 1997 850 t5 i gave my son for collage oh well now he is a gear head and will never drive anything elese tthan 850 t5 ,What will my 2001 v70 t5 a little faster than it is now i put billstines and ricken tires it handles great ;but too slow off lin and needs more snap thx you jim Smith so cal

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