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Volvo Radio Codes Explained

Volvo radios have a theft-proof system that freezes the radio if power is interrupted. It was designed that way to prevent theft of the radio. The downside is your radio will be locked if you disconnect the battery for any reason, or if the battery dies. Do you know your Volvo radio codes?

When you restore power, it will say ‘CODE‘ on the display. This is your cue to find the easily misplaced credit-card lookalikes that have your radio’s code written on it. New Volvo owners got two in the owner’s documents booklet.

Volvo radio says code
Volvo radio says code

Update: The New Easy Way

Here’s a comment from the several hundred below submitted by Mark in August 2016:

This site was very helpful in getting Volvo radio codes, so I wanted to share this. First go to
the Volvo website here and fill out the info, you will receive your code right away.

Volvo radio code retrieval

Here is the info you will receive:

Thank you for contacting Volvo Car USA’s Customer Care Center.

The radio code that we have in our system for the vehicle identification number you provided is ####

If your radio says “code”, you are able to enter this code.

If the radio says “off”, you will need to go through the process of resetting your radio by following these steps:
1. turn the key to the 1st position in the ignition
2. make sure your exterior and interior lights are off as well as any heat or air conditioning to prevent battery drain
3. make sure the radio is on and reads “OFF”
4. leave the car in this state for approximately 2 hours in a secure location
5. The radio will go from “off” to “code”, you will then be able to enter the code

If the code does not work after entering it once, the original radio fitted to your vehicle has been replaced. Simply reply to this email with the following information and we’ll obtain that code for you.

serial number
part number
model number
You can take the radio out by opening the tabs on either side of the radio and then pulling it out. If you are unable to remove the radio, please visit an Authorized Volvo retailer.
Hint: Check the radio for a four digit code hand written on the radio. Often times when the radio is replaced the technician will post it here in case the code is misplaced.


Volvo Car USA LLC

Store Your Code Here

Once you get your code, store it here on this site so you’ll always know where it is. I guarantee you nobody will ever, ever want your radio enough to steal it, let alone match that stolen radio with this page with codes on it somehow.

How to Reset the Radio

  • When the radio displays CODE, you may enter the code using the preset radio station buttons
  • For instance, my number is 1615, so when I get the CODE on the radio’s display, I press the radio preset button 1, then the radio preset button 6, then the radio preset button 1, then the radio preset button 5.
  • If your radio says OFF, leave the ignition on in the first position for 2 1/2 to 3 hours in order for it to display CODE. In certain models you can clear the OFF state by pulling the fuse for the radio (#7 in my car). That’s a bit simpler than leaving the ignition in the first position for a couple of hours — particularly if you don’t have a garage.

The four-digit code is unique to your radio; your neighbor’s code will not work on your radio. So what to do if you’ve misplaced, or never received, the white card, like most people?

Dealers have your radio code in a database, and can look it up. Many will give you the code over the phone if you’ve lost your card. You can call any Volvo dealer: they all have the same computer system to look up your Volvo radio code.

Sometimes the code is written on the radio itself. But you have to pull the radio out (not hard) to see it.

Other dealers will have you drive to their lot and speak to them in person. Because the dealer will need to read off the radio’s serial number to cross-reference it with the unique code, bring your radio, and your Volvo. Some reportedly charge US$10-$100 for this. Hmmmmm. I suppose dealers can choose to charge for this, and we can choose to not go back, right?

Volvo radio says code
Volvo radio says code


Don’t intentionally break the flow of power (disconnect the battery) from the radio unless you have the code.

If you have the code write it down in several locations. Don’t keep any of them in the car, although Volvo radios having much value on the black market is questionable.

If you don’t have the code, call the dealer to ask what they need from you. Don’t pay the dealer any money for the code! If they want money, hang up and call another.

Radio Codes
Volvo radio says “CODE”


My radio is dying, so I picked up one from the Pick and Pull wrecking yard that looks new. I haven’t connected it yet, so I am wondering how to get the code that would work with this radio.

Need help for a code please.

Hi. If anyone could help me, please. Looking for a code
Volvo radio 353771-1
Serial VO1610 X9141466H

Thanks in advance

benitawill3 says:

I couldn’t find my Volvo v70 radio code . pls who can help me out

benitawill3 says:

I want someone to help me get my Volvo v70 radio code

benitawill3 says:

I need someone to help me get my Volvo v70 radio code

Help me please with radio code for Volvo S40 (2003), with HU-605 player:

Model: 34W344R/RY-605-2
Serial No: VO3440 25205399
VIN: YV1VS78823F930584


Thank you very much!!!

Tom Palmer says:

1998 Volvo v70, dealership code not working
Serial number: VO8170 W2149040C
Part number: 3533771-1
Model no. SC-816

Hello, please help me, i dont find my radio code:
Serial Number: VO0690 W4109074D
Model no.: sc-805
Secondary Model No.: 3533775-1

Ok. So I’ve read the above explanation which correctly summarizes what I read in the manual. I’m a new owner of my 96 850 and I have the code card. When I enter my code when prompted by “code” on the radio, the numbers just remain on the screen. I don’t get an error or “off” (and I tried a wrong code which did provoke a response of 4 backwards “e”s).

Any ideas? This seems to be a new one that I have read about online. I think it’s clear the code is correct, but the radio isn’t engaging to “on.”

2004 c70 with replacement radio
S/N E71T60913717
PART # 8682114

Volvo s70 with replaced radio
Serial number: VO8170 H2719239 or V0817O H2719239
Part number: 3533771
Model no. SC-816

Volvo V40

Pleas help 🙂


I hope your kindly help, my HU-1205 radio is need a CODE… 🙂

Serial Number: VO2850 42045115
Part number: P30623157
Model No.: 3AF285D / NR-1205-2

Volvo V40 2004.

Thanks for help!

thank you!
the volvocars site works, BUT you need an email that is noit clearly foreign.
I first tried with a .DE ending and nothing happened. Nothing.
Then I tried with a .com email and it worked flawlessly.

My code didnt work for my radio ther serial no. B40410818 part no.idk ill just give you the other no. It says 9416. 4969….3533535-. If you could please help me i would gladly appreciate it thank you ..

This site was very helpful in getting me my code, so I wanted to share this. First go to
the Volvo website here and fill out the info, you will receive your code right away.

Here is the info you will receive:

Thank you for contacting Volvo Car USA’s Customer Care Center.

The radio code that we have in our system for the vehicle identification number you provided is ####

If your radio says “code”, you are able to enter this code.

If the radio says “off”, you will need to go through the process of resetting your radio by following these steps:
1. turn the key to the 1st position in the ignition
2. make sure your exterior and interior lights are off as well as any heat or air conditioning to prevent battery drain
3. make sure the radio is on and reads “OFF”
4. leave the car in this state for approximately 2 hours in a secure location
5. The radio will go from “off” to “code”, you will then be able to enter the code

If the code does not work after entering it once, the original radio fitted to your vehicle has been replaced. Simply reply to this email with the following information and we’ll obtain that code for you.

serial number
part number
model number
You can take the radio out by opening the tabs on either side of the radio and then pulling it out. If you are unable to remove the radio, please visit an Authorized Volvo retailer.
Hint: Check the radio for a four digit code hand written on the radio. Often times when the radio is replaced the technician will post it here in case the code is misplaced.


Volvo Car USA LLC

philip taylor says:

this is theradio I got sc80 3533962-1 vo1170 v50791340 the code igot is 5666 it works but preset 6 doses not come up

s/ e71t 6 09 13717
h 6 09 13717
There is all the numbers on the volvo i have a code of 3222 and the radio will not take the code if you can help please thanks

Radio display black!
My volvo v40 from 2001 was jumpstarted and now the radio is completely dead. It doesn’t even say “off”or “code”. The fuse is OK. Does the 2-hour trick work in this situation? Or is there an internal fuse. The radio model is HU 1205. Thanks!

Short answer: No

I think some diode in radio must have died or internal fuse blown. Did you cross + and – ?

Yes, unfortunately I did cross + and -.

I opened the unit but I can’t seem to find any internal fuse. Does anybody know if there IS an internal fuse, and where it is located?

I know how to replace a fuse but beyond that I have no clue. Nothing seems to be burned og overheated.

And what’s the point in having a fuse box if it doesn’t blow the fuses when short-circuiting the battery?! Damn!!

Great site, great advice, followed your instructions worked first time. I now have a radio working in my v40 thanks.

Joseph Andrews says:

Some good info here, a resource you might want to include in your article is the below website…

I’ve used the same site for getting a radio code for my volvo s40 and it worked a treat, i found it online about a year ago as my car was broken into and they tried to get the radio out (no idea why it’s not worth anything!) and the radio got locked, the dealer wanted to charge me ~£50 if i remember correctly but this site gave me a code for free, it’s worth a shot.

Thank your piece of shit,
This link give me alot of viruses.

volvo 850 radio code

Ainsley McCarthy says:

I need a code for 2013 Volvo xc60 vin #YV1DZ47HBD2432494

I need the radio code for my 2001 Volvo s40 vin #YV1VS29501F654483

Kalle mc johansson says:

Hi. Lost the code to my stereo SC-805, driving a Volvo V70-99.
Some say that the code 5436 is unniversal, is it?

yerri spears says:

I need a radio code for a 2004 volvo xc90 awd crossover t2.5

leticia nunez says:

Hi I have a few questions I just bought a new vehicle well its new to me but it’s a used one. The radio says code and I accidentally put in the wrong code 3 times or more and now it says off and won’t come off so what do I do I have unplugged it and it still don’t change it so I need help in figuring out what to do

Brian Davis says:

Need radio code for 93 volvo 240
Vin #YV1AS8806P1487513

Did you people not read the blog posting at the top of the page? Call a Volvo dealer!!

i need v40 1999g.ser.vo2130x503e010g


I have a 2005 XC90. I removed thr CD player for repair plugged it in with the radio, started the car but the radio will no turn on. Do I have to leave the ignition for two hours before it will turn on?

Thanks for your help!

I need help
Radio sc 805 serie W2149228D
Thank you

hi ca yo help me Volvo V 40 2002 serial number is V2008010255230N

please help me…my 850 audio is lock because i pull out the battery…my serial number is B50630254M…

Thank you so much

Andres Tomingas says:

I bought a used Volvo Model number S40 with an audio system that is non functional because it was tempered when changing the battery. The Audio system serial number is VO069O V0229101C. Its VIN number is YV1VS1623WF178968. PLEASE ASSIST ME WITH THE CODE.

Hello i just bought my 2002 volvo at a auction its asking me for the code can you please out the serial V02470 2102E120L thank you so much you are truly of great help

Nancy Bailey says:

The dealership gave me the code and it doesn’t work. Radio serial # is VO2390Y2555233

I have a 2000 spec Volvo V40 2.0 with a HU-605 head unit and i don’t have the code. My serial number is V02080 Y7219001A
Any information regarding the code would be much apperciated

SHENG-KAI,YOU(justin) says:


I need the code for my 2002 S40 the VIN # is YV1VS29693F929145 the radio ser# is V03450 25145101 hope you can help me.

I have the 4 digit code for the original 480 volvo radio. Also only have preset keys 1-4
How on earth do I get the numbers over 4 and enter them. There is no enter key and I have tried everything to no avail. Duh!!!

Noz Dixon says:

I need a code for my radio, on the front it has sc813
the serial number is v01030 w3039011d , and there’s another number on it and that number is 3533741-1 , thanks

Jesse Diaz says:

this is the dumbest thing ever. For real, who da hell thought of putting a code in the radio -____-

please help with radio code. VIN YVIVS-17K91F750732 Radio serial no. VO2100 Y2515100D. Please help?

Derek Hans says:


I’m looking for my radio code for my 1998 Volvo S70 SLT.
My Radio Serial # is. V08170V6209028A

I really hope you can help
Thank you.

Leave the ign switch on so the radio has power and turned on. It takes 2 hours of constant power and the radio will reset back to the code setting.

Rick Sherman says:

Vin. YV1LZ56DXY2734519



Mike Griffith says:


I need the code for my 2001 S40 the VIN # is YV1VS29541F756286 the radio ser# is V02470 2128E109L hope you can help me.
Thank you

Hello, please provide me with radio code for V70 SC 816: V01610X0281254H. Thank you!

Got a 2000 S40 for my son, till the battery died. Now I have this dumb radio thing. The radio is now saying Off after failing to enter a correct code. I will not call VOLVO for anything. Feel this is sham. Really people are running around stealing Volvo radios? really? Wonder when that EVER happened. Not going to leave the ignition on for hours just ridiculous!

The best fix for this is to REPLACE the radio.

Charles Nyirongo says:

I bought a used Volvo Model number V40 with an audio system that is non functional because it was tempered when changing the battery. The Audio system serial number is VO21OO 15295162J. Its VIN number is YVIVW-29692F807289. PLEASE ASSIST ME WITH THE CODE.

Russell Boullineau says:

Hi there

Please help i haverecentl purchased a volve S40 and I have been to the dealership and they have given me a incorrect radio code and urgently require my music

Vin no:YV1VS37691L755055

Charles Nyirongo says:

I bought a used Volvo V40 with a CD Volvo HU-635 from Japan. The power was interrupted in Tanzania. It demands for a radio input code 1***. The Vin # is YV1VW-29692F807289

Lauri Hämäläinen says:

Volvo 850 T5 1994 Serial no. B40220087K. Thanks

süleyman says:

ben 1996 model 850 turbo ald?m ama kodunu bulam?yorum bana yard?mc? olrsan?z sevinirim 3533535
B50819024B teyp in üzerinde yazan kodu lütfen bir rica yard?m ?imdiden te?ekürler

Just call any Volvo dealer ship and ask to speak to someone in the service dept. Tell them your situation also give them the VIN # and they will be more than glad to accommodate you with the code to unlock your radio….IT WORKED FOR ME 🙂 NOW I AM ALL TUNES AGAIN !!!!

I need a code for SC-700 (Volvo 850) VO0920 H6131120D
VIN: YV1LW5102v2291009

Please help, thanks

need code v40 1.9 d 2003

SN: VO3480 56015015

hi i need a code for my 2003 volvo s40

go to click on contact us, then click on radio code request. answer a few quick questions and code will b provided instantly.

Could you lookup radio code for VIN YV1KW961XS1025961

Dori Abboud says:

hi i want to decode my radio of volvo s40 year 2005 my vin number is:v0209024025045n
please waiting for your reply

Kadarion Ellison says:

looking for radio code for 1996 960 volvo radio serial number is V08160V3030007 and the vin number is YV1K59601T108335
Thank You!

jenaro sanchez says:

Need a code for my Volvo 940, 1995, bought in the US and then brought it to Guatemala City, gracias

Please help me,
I need the code for my SC802 – VOLVO/V40T4/1998

radio serial no: V01720 W8141230F

vin: YV1VW1822WF199410


Ingo Themel says:


I need the code for my SC 805 (V40) VO1590Y110E028G
I hope you can help me.
Thank you

Volvo C70 radio perfect until battery replaced. I enter 4215 as hand written in owner manual by previous owner but get “EEEE” every time. Pls. help!

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I recently bought a secondhand volvo hu -605 stereo to go into my old V40 but I don,t have the code …. The serial number on the unit is VO3550 2926E186 and also written on it is the registration of the car I presume it came out of? AF03 JFG… Thanks

michaela adams says:

Hi my husband bought a radio off ebay for his Volvo c70 2001 convertible it did not come with a code the serial no is V00690 W6239023E any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi my husband bought a radio off ebay for his Volvo v70 xt tdi 1998 it did not come with a code the serial no is v00690 w2529146f can anyone help please

Thanks for the info. I pulled the fuse on my 2002 S40 and that didn’t work, but leaving the ignition turned to the #1 position for 2 1/2 hours worked like a charm!
I’ve got tunes again.
Thanks so much.

Greg Kern says:

bought a 2000 s40 got the radio code but when I enter it all I get is EEE, ENTER THE CODE 2354 do this 3 times it locks up and you wait 2 hrs. to try again, am I doing it wrong?

b.futterman says:

i have a 940 sedan….code shows eeee
i put in the correct code but it still doesn’t work……

please i can,t remember my volvo radio code

Louis Vutoyi says:

Hie I’m a Hestony Transport driver, m driving Volvo FH 400hp, radeo needs code,please help

Please I bought a Volvo s40 2002 and the radio show off, can you please tell me how to unlock this, car details: Chasis no: *YV1VS17K92F829675* Thanks

these people asking you for their car’s code are a joke

Everybody asking for your car’s code: I don’t have it. I can’t get it.

Only you can get it, and I’ve explained how… in this blog post.

verna jones says:

radiocode needed for a sc810 in a 93 volvo vin yvlk5950p00124

i have a 1993volvo 960 idont have the radio code to reset after my battery died vin number is yvlk5950p0029124 my radio is a sc810 can you help pls thank you verna

Emmanuel Guapo says:

Hi, I need the code for my radio 1998 Volvo C70, the battery completely died and needed to be replaced. VIN # YV1NC5679WJ000252


Eugenio P. Garces says:

I bought a volvo V70 1998 model<but the car arrive to maputo with a radio blocked, because the batery was off!
can you arrange the code please?
car details: VOLVO V70 WAGON/CHASSIS YV1LW-5208W2438433

My radio don’t work.
I used the correct # 5666 code but always have the EEE code. What can I do.
940 VOLVO 1994

I had to replace the battery, did have the code but put it somewhere safe! VOO690 X91693664G ON sc-805 radio

Need radio code for 2002 Volvo S40 VIN:YV1VS29572F874821.Any help is greatly appreciated

Alan Rice says:

I need code for 940 turbo volvo 1993 Please.

Thanks for your clear explanation of “codes”, I have been going crazy for days trying to figure out the issue with my factory installed XM/Sirius radio on a 2009 S40, I bought used, this info hopefully wil help me resolve. One question though,my FM radio works, it is just the XM/Sirius that displays “off”, would this still be a code issue?thanks in advance!

Tant geert says:

hallo heb een volvo v40 bouwjaar 2013, OUTO RADIO code of door platte baterij
Wie kan mij helpen

Hi, my Volvo is a S70 year 98, radio model SC-805, and the vin# is YV1L57202V2412052. Thanks for your help.

my volvo v70 2000 radio does not say code says off…vin # is YV1LW61J6Y2642402…can you help with a radio code?

i have radio for car volvo s70, model 1998 , and put code three times then closed and give me OFF
– please How to work this radio again pls

need a radio code for 1997 volvo 850

I need the radio code, volvo 850 turbo 1994… serial no. b30554133g

Edward Scott says:

I tried ding what is mentioned in the article above (leaving the key in the ignition for 3 hOURS)and this still did not remove the off code being displayd on the radio. My battery and alternator seem to be in good condition also, are there any other suggestions? Thank you.


I have a 1999 XC70, had to replace the battery and called my local dealer for the code. It does not work. Went to the dealer, the mechanic says I am SOL. Go buy after market…It’s not the same…
The VIN#: YV1LZ56D6X2559619
RADIO CODE: 6412 (does not work)
Radio model: 3533788-4969

S/N: AL E51A W 07 24496
M 8 07 24496

Any help in the matter would be great….


someone pleasse hlp nd code for 98 volvo s70

Thanks for the write up. Worked great on my 99 s70!



oh, the radio is an SC-816 with serial #VO8170 W0059010E
part# 3533771-1
thanks again.

called a volvo dealership today for an anti-theft radio code which ended up being incorrect. the code they gave was ‘6465’. we have a 1998 v70 wagon xc vin# YV1LZ5649W2517881

alfrommontreal says:

Hi, I just bought a sc816 radio off a guy on ebay, to replace mine in 98 V70 AWD(broken tape deck). He didn’t have the code, but the serial # on the back of the radio is
VO8170 W5299080D
Part #353377-1
Anyone have the code? Thanks a lot!

j ai changé de batterie et me suis trompé de code maintenant on me dit de attendre 2h pour remettre en route mais cela ne fonctionne pas pouvez vous m aider

por favor ayudenme a conseguir el codigo de mi radio volvo, la serie de la radio es v01030v5060004c el modelo de la radio es sc813

joseph Pierre Leonard says:

I need the code for my volvo: V70XC Moteur: B5254T-1189355, serie: YV1LZ5642W2439668, annee 1998


hi i bought a volvo S40 the radio is locked how do i unlock it?

VO Kataja says:

i sold -97 my 850R, due poor service in Irving TX, and i just got used V70 without radio code…i walked to dealer in Salo, Finland and they asked 40 Euros with terrible attitude…now i remember again why i sold my 850R 🙁 🙁 🙁

Dustin Melton says:

I just purchased a use volvo and couldn’t figure out the code so i just mashed in a bunch of numbers. It displays OFF now. I called my local Volvo dealership and all they required for the code was my VIN number. Took all of 5 mins to get the code. currently waiting the 2-3 hours for the radio to reset to test it.

Juan Becerra says:

Please can you assist me to provide my volvo cs-811 car radio unlock code.
The serial No: B41270756
Thanks for your assistance.

Javier Ranirez says:

after my car had a srs light on I just wanted to torn it of so i Dissconected the battery, the pannel light wanted a code i tryied 1234 it dint work now it says of on the radio screen but the srs light is still on hoe do iI get the code for the radio and turn the srs light of??

My wifes volvo’s battery died and radio is asking for code. Try code which I had in a book for few times and ended up with “OFF” mode. So spent all this morning in a car to reset the ba*tard and call to local Volvo dealer. One in Norwich asked to go down there with v5 and ID for 10minutes and they want to charge me 20+vat. Other one in Ipswich gave me the code by reg. which was 3566 but it doesn’t worked – I saw “ERROR” on the screen. So what that means – radio’s been swaped before………

Can anyone help me out with this one?

made in Japan
Model no.
Serial No
VO3440 26125050

Radio Code
Volvo 460
Serial Nr. 6213490859

Just bought a ’96 850 glt sedan…followed intructions on the page to the “t”…radio still says “off” cannot get it to say “code”…pulled fuse…did not work…other suggestions perhaps?

salue j’ai une volvo 850 et mon auto radio est bloquet par un code commant faire pour avoir le code le n° de serie est : YV1LS570202129496 type: LS5702 année de premiere mise en circulation: 07/01/1994 merci de me repondre.

need code for radio of volvo s40, 1940cc, 2003 model,
vin: YV1VS-29694F052970

Please !!

Mamed Umar says:

Need code for radio of Volvo s40, 2003 model,

Please can you assist me to provide my volvo s70 1998 sc-813 car radio unlock code.
The serial No: v01030v4100146c.
Thanks for your assistance

My used 1999 Volvo battery discharged so I needed the radio code. The dealer provided it, but it doen’st work. I still get the EEEE. Is there a remedy? I’m sure it’s the original radio.

John D Dedeian says:

Can you assist in resetting my volvo v70 radio code? I had to get the battery changed this weeek. The radio reads CODE. Thank you, John Dedeian

put radio code in that the car dealer give me but does not work this is for a volvo v40 for a v reg. Please help.

My serial number is VO1140W1551174A i dont know my code.Please if you can say me the code will be great thanks :):):):)

eric wang says:

i bought a second-hand volvo which made in year 98, model is S40,i need the code after i recharged the battery. thanks! serial number:VO1730W2271015F

I really need a Volvo S40 radio unlock code, the radio serial number is V00690W1749486F. Your help is greatly appreciated.

I would like the radio code for V. reg. Volvo s40 1.8s

Bought second hand volvo radio from scrapyard not noticing the anti theft device now have radio that won’t work because no code? anybody help? Sorry, Serial No V01720 W9161466

Bought second hand volvo radio from scrapyard not noticing the anti theft device now have radio that won’t work because no code? anybody help?

please l need radio code s40 2000 serial no V02080 Y6309159 A

I have a volvo V70 . The serial number is V01610 Y2141808H and I need the code cause I recently changed the battery. Any idea what that would be ?


Please i lost the radio code and i want you to help me out. My VIN isYVILS55A9X2619713 AND MY Car S/N isV01610X4021224G and model no is VOLVO 3533771-1


battery disconnected and the radio off; with display CODE. Unfotunately i don’ have the code. Please help me out.

jose elenes says:

i need tha code of my volvo v70 year 2000

Crusader_Sora says:

Can you help me with SC805 SN VO0690 W9299002D?

I bought my Volvo 850 with the request for the code on, the radio looks ok, the serial number is VO0920h7111214.
I will realy appreciate your assistance.

Anthony Sindiyo

how to get the code of volvo car stereo sc-930 model 35337894969 and the serail number is B61010004

Well, tried 3 times before knowing your website, so now off, well i call the dealer and get the code, but, store it to the garage for 8 hours on ingition never get code again, than we took the battery off for hours, still did’nt get code,what else can i do?

Try to imagine somebody risking a few nights in jail for a double-height Volvo radio. I can’t either ;-). They don’t have a lot of resale value, and no self-respecting young thief would install it in his car.

Thanks for the info. My code number was on the radio, clearly labeled for me and any half-witted thief! What was the point of it?

seems many have had issues with radio codes i myself have 2 volvos both needing codes. i see many of you ask but never see no replies. i dont even mind paying a small fee for the codes. but wouldnt want to use my card on line for the sake of a code. im old school and think it to risky lol. and i dont use that pay pal. but im a man who works on my word if any1 can help? cheers jeff

Please can you assist me to provide my volvo ct-103 car radio unlock code.
The serial No: V018201720111C.
Thanks for your assistance.

omar cisneros says:

i just baught a volvo 1996 850 keyless entry not working i changed battery on remote had no respond at all what things can i check for to get it working trouble shoot. radio also says code what can i do to unlock probably wont find code at dealer

Many thanks. Recently had issues with my Volvo s40 radio. Had to disconnect my battery for some repairs. When I recollected I inadvertently wrongly inputed my radio codes twice and my radio displayed OFF. Did not know what to do next and was stuck with no radio service for close to a month. Visited your website and followed your direction and was able to access my car radio once again. Thanks.

Nikki Purser says:

i need the radio code to a 92 volvo, i just bought the car and don’t have the code for the radio

i want to know the code for my volvo s40 Hu 615 radio and cd player. it is locked and it needs a password. thanks

HELP…I can’t seem to get “CODE” to show up. Have tried Bryces suggestion and have tried leaving the ignition on for 6 hours and to no avail. Anybody have any other suggestion? I’m getting really frustrated.

i need code for s40 auto 1998 model

Read this page again.

carla young says:

need codes for 2000 s40

I got the code from volvo diler but it dose not work? parhaps my 97 850 has it’s radio changed? What else can I do ?

Please, I would like to know the radio code for:
Volvo v40 1.8 (gasoline, manual, year 1998

Mikko Nissilä says:

Volvo radio HU-555 code serial no. vo384039295060

please i want you to check your data based to help me locate volvo s40 v40 radio code year 2003/04 series

I tried to reset, but the letters:'”APE” with half the E missing and most of the A missing.

I’ve tried Craigs method it works

Amazing, the turn the radio off, hold the scan button and turn on the radio thing worked for me! Volvo 2001 S40 😀

Volvo S70 w/SC-816 radio stuck in “CODE” display and will not show code when entered. Tried the 2-3 hr, power on reset already. Displays “CODE” but no buttons seem to do anything. Really could use some help on this. Ideas?

IT also radio code was put in and reads EEE and is stuck in scan mode.

I have a 92 volvo 240gl and radio code was put in but now says EEE…what do I do?

After buying my Volvo v40 second hand the battery died trying to go to work one morning after a quick charge it was ok however the radio was displaying code after 3 attempts it locked and displayed off for about 3 days till I stumbled over this site fantastic held the news button turned the radio on voila music to my ears again thks again for great information

We have not driven our 2000 V70 for over three weeks and I thhink one of the interior lights was left on which resulted in a flat battery and on recharging it, I could not locate my radio code. I tried my local dealership who wanted me to go down in person with proof of id and ownership, which is okay, but wanted to charge me £15, not a lot but really not justifiable. I rang Milton Keynes Volvo (Marshals). What a friendly lot. They asked me for the VIN, reg and rang me back in five minutes with the code, and at no cost. What a service! We are planning to get an XC90 next year and I swear I will be going to Marshals for mine, and that is about 100 miles form me!

I too followed Bryce’s advice for my V40 2001 after a battery power drain. After 3 wrong codes the radio showed “OFF”. On my Radio there is no key called Scan so I held down the “NEWS” button while turning on the power. Voila! It works again without the need to have the key in theignition for 3 hours and locate the key. Guessing that the thieves already know this trick…

Yes it worked!! So i turned the key to position 1 and the radio said OFF. I left the key in that position and the radio saying OFF for two hours and BAM! It worked. I call a 1800 number and they gave me the code. Sorry dont remember. Good luck.

Thanks to Elain Meade with the West Nyak dealership comment. The first dealer I called (Ithaca, NY) had no idea what I was talking about. So, even though I live upstate, I called Palisades Volvo:

(845) 358-2900
[West Nyak]

He asked if I’d been there before, but I told him I had just purchased the car recently and there was no radio-code-card to be found. He asked for the VIN number (which I had already written down), and just like she said – he had the code for me within ten seconds.

Thanks Elain for posting!

I will also be posting my code to the
[Store your code here] link so I will always have access to it!


Bryce! Thank you so much!!!!

I can’t believe it worked!!!

I drove 2 hours today to the local dealer and the code they gave me was wrong. I want to thank you very much for posting this fix. It worked like a charm on my 2001 S40.

I am going to post this on a few more forums.


I did what Bryce said to do:
“If your radio says OFF, turn off the radio, hold the SCAN button down while turning the radio on and “magically” your radio will turn back on without you putting in any codes”

This worked on my 2001 S40!!!

i have volvo v70 R reg and i had same problem with stereo ,been off all time and did’t give me chance to put the code ,i let 3 hrs kays in first position in ingnition and after that stereo ask me for the code .briliant really works .thank very much for your advises

If your radio has a code, just punch try numbers until it says OFF…..
If your radio says OFF, turn off the radio, hold the SCAN button down while turning the radio on and “magically” your radio will turn back on without you putting in any codes…LOL, anti-theft system is Brilliant! I have a 2002 S40. If you still need a code then call Volvo at 800-458-1552, give them your VIN and they should give you the radio code. Good Luck!

Paul Crawford says:

One wee update, I’ve just done this and it works by leaving the key turned to position 1 in my s70 however I think the radio has to be switched on ie showing off. Pulling the fuse didnt work for me.

René Jensen says:

A month ago I bought a second-hand 2006 S60 installed with a HU-650 stereo. Now I’ve contacted the dealership in order to get my radio code, however they say that these new headunits don’t need a radio code. The code is only needed for late 2000 V70 or earlier – is that correct info?

guys small issue in my volvo s70 1998 model
i removed my setup and there was a 4 digit code in the back but says 9… how do i get 9 coz on the setup there is only upto 6 pls help

if you need radio code call milton keynes dealership no charge excellent service DONT PAY THE SHILOCKS

TAP in Tucson says:

Re my 1998 S70… Found the original white card with the audio code (in a file the original owner kept, meticulously!), entered the four numbers per your perfect instructions and VOILA! Music; comedy; talk radio, on all the preset stations… Thank you so very much for helping a lost soul such as I! It is much appreciated.

VOLVO 40 98 model.
Please can you help me out with the cassette CODE

Cassette Info.
volvo 3533962-1
4980 9806 s802
S/N Vo1730 w6011039F

your urgent response will be appreciated.

I’ve got 95 850, I stumbled across an 816 radio at a junk yard(cd and tape) I wanted to install it but my local volvo wants me to bring in my car so they can check the VIN, I explained that the radio is not for my car, but from a Junk Yard, the Guy actually told me, “well you need to bring in the car from the junk yard or we can’t give you the code, and its $50” Really? its a 16 year old car, is volvo really that stuck up about its radios? Guess my Sony is gonna stay in a bit longer.

Big THANKS this works, I have to say I was a bit sceptical, my stereo on my V40 was displaying OFF, I left the ignition on 1, it took about 2hrs but it came up with the code notification entered the code problem fixed.

You have to love the web.

I have a 2000 S40 and experienced a similar problem. I have waited for it to say code and entered the correct code but still nothing. It just freezes with the the number on the screen. What do I do?

I’ve got a ’96 Volvo 850 turbo. I’ve tried pulling the fuse to get it to revert back to CODE, but it hasn’t done that. Is my only option to leave the key in the ignition for a couple of hours?

I’ve tried pulling the #7 fuse and it makes OFF go away, but when I put it back in, the OFF comes back!! What do I do? My key is in the #1 position the whole process…

where look for fuse #7

I have a 2004 XC90 volvo……my radio will not turn on when the car is running…..if you turn it to the first position the display turns on, and just as quickly goes off…..had a short in the starter which killed two alternator and a battery……and since then……no radio or anything……it does not say off…..or code…….i called the volvo dealer to ask if it was a matrix display and they said yes….but said there was no code for this year and model…..if i replaced the control module for the radio, i would have to bring it in for a soft wear reload…….i do not trust them…..what do you think?

how do you find your code for your radio to unlock it i have a little gray strip the has a code on it is that my radio code?

Gediminas says:

My volvo v40 1999 had also a radio off. I did like people said on the internet. Turn the key to faze 1 and turn on the radio. It took 2,5h for me to see CODE instead of off. Code is on radio itself, just take it out, should be on top. Crazy thing to do, but it works now! lol.

Mark Jennings says:


My V reg S40 decided to lock me out of the radio and kept prompting for a code. I found various websites that offer replacement codes at a price.
Just phone your local Volvo dealer and give them you registration and chassis number and they can give you the radio code over the phone.

After reading this comment from “ANNE 7:47 am on February 19th, 2010”

How do you take out your radio? She said it was “(VERY EASY TO DO)” and it sounds easier than going into the fusebox to pull fuse #7 or leaving the radio on for 2 hours. (btw, the online manual for my 2000 v40
says that fuse #9 is for the audio etc. Also, I’m hesitant to leave the radio on for 2 hrs as this whole problem arose from when my battery died….)

Anyway…… ANY HELP ON HOW TO TAKE OUT RADIO TO RESET CODE? and would this actually be an easier or harder option??


Just read this forum, I have a 1999 V40.

I tried lifting the fuse in both the engine bay and drivers footwell to no avail. Left the radio on with volume low so it displayed OFF and left the key in position 1 for roughly 2 hours. CODE then appeared, I typed it in and voila. I got the code by calling my local authorized volvo dealer.

Thanks! Just saved me buying a new CD player!!!

Thank you Dennis fir the tip about holding down the number 6 then switching onthe radio. It was my last ditch attempt having tried numerous times to put the correct code in plus pulling the fuse to no avail. I’d like to kiss you!! Got my music back! BLISS!!!!

Scott McD says:

I am getting a message on my radio (1989 V90) that says “Phon e”. This is the premium audio system SC-816 that originally came with the car. I have disconnected the battery, and then the radio says “Code”. I have put the code in and after a few seconds it reverts to the message “Phon e”. I know the code is correct because I have used it before when changing the battery or after power failures. I called the dealer just to be sure and they confirm that this is the correct code. Nothing works on the sound system while this code is displayed. Anybody know how to fix this? The dealership is clueless.

Any solution to removing “phon e” message on Volvo radio SC-816?

I am also seeking a solution to Scott McD’s inquiry (#64) as I have entered my code but have the same issue. I do not see any solutions posted in this thread. Thanks in advance!

I would love to meet the person who designed this anti theft system. What I have figured out, after being without a radio following two seperate car repairs, is that the only people to get these radios working are the thieves that steal them, because guess what , when you pull out the radio – THERE IS THE CODE! In the meantime we are stuck trying to activate these stupid stereos!

Okay- my radio/cd goes whacky- just changes on it’s own and then won’t stay on any I press. The cd player will go back and forth to the radio- it’s like the system is possessed. I took it in and they charged me 100$ to tell me I need a new keypad? Does anyone know of any information on this?
Thank you!

Had to replace my battery on my wife’s 02 C70. When I changed it out, the radio asked for a code. Of course, I tried random numbers until it said “system off”. Thanks to this site, I was able to reset it by pulling the #7 fuse. Then I pullud the radio and luckily the code was right in top. Thanks again for all of the good advice.

Really VITAL feedback for anyone with radio ‘reboot’ problems! Mine is a 1998 Volvo S40.
Anne’s comment (number 19) was brilliant! I had to disconnect my battery to recharge it and then like everyone else could not get my radio to work. I phoned my service dealer who gave me a code – which turned out to be wrong. Having had all the trouble related to wrong code, radio going to ‘off’, having to leave it for hours with key in ignition, etc, etc, – I only tried the dealer’s offering twice. After that I surfed for suggestions, found your site, read Anne’s advice and followed it.
I eased the radio out as per instructions and thankfully, someone HAD scribbled the code on the top. The dealer did ask if it was the original radio – YES it was, it had never been changed since new. HOWEVER, I finally remembered that when we bought the car from new we paid extra for a better quality CD/Radio – and this has clearly been why the dealer’s record is incorrect, even though our unit has been in place from the purchase of the car.
Thank you, thank you Anne (19) and this brilliant website! I can now get Classic FM again!

What does it mean to ‘pull the fuse’ (#7)?
How do I do it?

I forgot to switch off the lights on my husband’s Volvo. The car died and when I finally got it restarted with cables the radio was on ‘code’. Then I tried a few lucky guesses, and the radio went to ‘off’.

I wouldn’t be happy to leave the key in the ignition for several hours since we don’t have a garage. So I want to do that ‘pull the fuse’ thing.

sundrops7 says:

If your radio says OFF, leave the ignition on in the first position for 2 1/2 to 3 hours in order for it to display CODE.

wildfire26 says:

I had a problem with my radio not working after I changed the battery. I called a volvo dealer and told him what kind of volvo I had and he pulled the code number off his computer and in two minutes my radio was working again. Good Luck

Hi there, I took your advice and called my local dealer (Pilling Volvo Milton Keynes), gave them my car registration and then he gave me my input code over the phone – brilliant!

Thank you so much for your advice – I’d probably be driving around in silence for the next six months!


Heather Gill says:

So I have done the key to position 1 like 10 times waiting 2-3 hours per attempt and the radio still says off. Not real happy about driving with no radio don’t know what else to try. Going to try pulling the fuse if I can figure out which one it is. Has anyone ever heard of a radio never coming on?

Elaine Meade says:

I called a Volvo dealership in West Nyak New York, spoke with a nice man in the service dept, i gave him my VIN #, and in 10 seconds he gave me my radio code. I turned the key to the number 1 position, code came on, then i entered the numbers he gave me, and it worked! The radio works just fine! I had called another volvo dealership in Long Island 10 minutes before, and they wanted me to come in, and would not help me over the phone. I just kept trying, until i found one that would help.

How do I get my radio to work it says off and I need it to
Say code do I leave radio on or off when key on position one ? Please help need music

It will pull a very small current, but not enough to kill the battery. Unless it’s already near dead.

Please use the Volvo Forum for questions. This is a comment area and it’s rarely checked. Thanks.

Juice in LA says:

So I have a question about resetting the radio from “off” to “code”: If I leave my key in the ignition, turned to position 1 for a 2-3 hour period, won’t this drain my battery?

thanks much!

My radio requirers a code of which i dont know where to find it. my vin. YV1VS2550VF517690 THE SERIAL NO. OF MY RADIO IS VO1610X1741391H

My radio in my 2000 v40 is dead no off message or code message just a dead radio. Is there an inline fuse or something? I have a code just not able to get anything to display on the radio screen. Please help. Thanks.

Just FYI, after my local Volvo place wanted me to make an appointment to go in, I called the nicest Volvo place in Santa Barbara ( and they gave it to me over the phone is two seconds. If I ever move to CA that’s where I’m shopping.

UPDATE: Okay, so I tried pulling fuses – NOPE didn’t work. I tried the 6666 that someone mentioned above, NOPE didn’t work. I tried putting in the “code” that was listed on the radio itself after I pulled it out, NOPE didn’t work. Ya know what did work, Calling the dealer. Just call the closest dealer and tell them, “Hi, I bought a used Volvo and need the radio code.” They ask, what’s the VIN of your car. You tell them. They punch it in the computer, 2 minutes later or less. And Wah-la, They give you the code. If your radio does go to OFF, start the car. Turn it off, then turn on the radio, turn the key to position 1. Make sure Daytime running lights are off and all doors and trunks are closed too. You probably have 2 keys, lock the doors. Set a timer for 1 hour. Check.

I bought a radio from a wrecking yard for my 960 the radio was on the shelf so there was no code and the car was gone. When i put the radio in my car off was displayed i tryed pulling #7 fuse but no change still shoed off. I then left the key on and shut off the radio then held down button #6 and turned on the radio–it works! the on ly problem is when the key is turned off the radio goes back to the off setting. O well ai least i have a radio until i can find the code.

Thought I would share this just in case you can’t get your code over the phone and are too far from a dealer. A few years back, my casette only radio sc-810 died (no i did not clean it out). I bought a used sc-816 radio from a junkyard and they told me the code was lost. It was around $100, which at the time was a steal. I was a little worried about buying this as I was unsure whether or not the dealer would give me the code if I bought it from somewhere else. I cracked open my broken SC-810, and ripped the eeprom out of it and read it in a universal eeprom reader. I dumped the memory contents and then searched for my “known” code. I found it once in the hex. So, it is possible it was just a random code but it gave me confidence that I had good odds I could read it in cleartext if the dealer could not give me the code. So, I bought it. I then took it in to the dealer and they gave me the code for free anyway. I never tried to see if the new radio’s code was stored in the same location, but it probably was. If you happen to have an eeprom reader at work or home, you could do this if the dealer is to far for you to drive to. Has anyone else done this before? I am curious if the code I found was the actual code or random data in the ROM. Seems weird they would store it in cleartext, but I guess why bother caring. One other thing I was thinking of… It might have been possible to replace my SC-816s ROM with my SC-810s ROM. Anyone try this?

My code has a 9, How do you enter 7, 8, and 9? Other people have asked too, does anybody else know how to enter 7, 8, and 9, with only 6 preset buttons?

I left the key in position 1 for almost 3 hours, but when i came back and pushed the power but i didnt get the code display and still got the OFF one.
Should i leave the key in position 1 and the radio on (displaying OFF) o just leave the key in position 1 with everything off (like i did)? In some forums ppl say you should leave the key in position 2, I am trying again like you guys tell, position 1. hope this time it will work. i ll let you know.

hi thanks. did the hour and a harf thing and phoned my dealer took 5 mins cheers

Guys, this site looks like lots of help… right now, i am gonna go down to my garage and put the key in position number one. The I will walk to my sister’s place and watch the game between Argentina and Germany. After the game, if we beat i ll go out and celebrate -means the car will have to wait for an extra couple of hours in position number 1- if not, i ll come back home try to put the code and see if it works. If it does, i ll sure let you know. thanks for the help i ve found here. VAMOS ARGENTINA!

I tried the all the 4 digit numbers on the radio itself and nothing worked. After I simply called the volvo dealer and asked, he told me that he needed the car’s serial number and not the radio’s which is on the registration. 10 seconds later he gave me the code, I entered it and my radio was working again.

I tried pulling out fuse #7 left it out over night put it in this morning and my radio still says off! I really don’t want to leave my battery on for 2 hours. Did I do the fuse thing right?

So, you get a flat battery, jump start your car, then have to leave the ignition on for 2.5 hours if you have an OFF? You’ll flatten the battery again!

Well I just wanted to say this blog was helpful on my volvo. I needed a lead to go from to get my code on the radio. Now thanks to one of the bloggers who said to give the volvo site your vin and serial number. I gotta wait 48 hrs but I’m sure they will help since they help everyone else. Thank you soooo much!

can anyone tell me how to enter a 0 as part of the radio code for a cr 902 please

@Andy, you must have gotten the code wrong or they gave you the wrong one. Maybe they misheard your licence plate number or you misheard the code. Try calling again.

Hi, I called the dealer and got the code, but it didn’t work.. It said EEEE. Anyone else have this problem? Do I have to just get a radio form Best Buy or something? Help please.

I am having the same problem! Is it possible for me to slide the radio out & give them those #’s

I have a 1995 850. I am seriously annoyed with having no music!! I think i am going to try out every code on top of my radio. If it doesnt work then hopefully the little #7 fuse will do the trick.

hi every1! i got no idea how to get 9 in ur radio , and im not sure if im doing this rite , please drop a line how to put the cod cheers

my radio code contains figures 8 and 9 and my radio keys has number 1-6. how do i input the figures 8 and 9 into the radio.

Raoul_Duke says:

If you have a sleazy dealership in your area the easiest way to obtain a lost code is to go to the Volvo website for your country and click on the “contact us” link at the bottom left of the page. Fill out the form and include your VIN and radio serial number in the comment section and they will get back to you by email within 1-2 business days. My local dealership wanted to charge and have me show up in person and this bypassed them completely.

atse vapo jacob says:

jai 1problem avec ma radio je ne connait par le code svp aide moi .le numero de chasie es yv1ls5506w2506238 une volvo s70 merci

Useful site. Thanks a lot

Please help my. I’m not from US and when I call the dealer in my country they want to charge my. I have 2002 S40. radio serial No: VO2090 18235086K and the Vin: YV1VS29562F837419. Mail my if You can help

i have a 1998 s70 i have called dealership about my radio code they gave me a code that dont work can someone please help i just got this car and would like to have radio working

Okay my radio is displaying “off” so I am assuming i need to wait the 2 hour thing with the key in the first position. Now does the “off” need to be displayed while the key is in the ignition or should i have the actual radio turned off???
p.s no music is so annoying!

hi there is 2 things i need help with (1) i pulled out #7 fuse for radio do i have to wait 2-3 hrs before putting them back in and (2) i cant get the 5th gear in my car some one said i need a new box and then someone else said it was a rubber on the rods can ayone help thanks warren

Henk de Mots says:

the car radio volvo 850-XD-LV-50 to give out.
passe code radio model no.708/4451 series?
please help me with the code?
friendly thanks.

Henk de Mots

i have a volvo s40 the battery was disconnected and then i got that it shows the radio is off and also i do not have my code for that can you please advise me to give some other solution thanks

Did you read this post?

I bought a used volvo, and dont have the card for the radio code. please help!
vin # YV1LS5512T2274339

Oh my God!!! I FINALLY got my radio to work!!!!! This has been the most helpful site. You need to pull out your radio (VERY EASY TO DO) I had my battery replaced LAST WINTER—I have been driving around since with a portable boom box just to hear something. I had the wrong # written in back of owners manual. When I called dealership, they gave same code which was in my book. Still didnt work.
After reading this site, it mentions, if you have a refurbished radio, the code will be different even from what is in database. it says one way to find out is to pull out radio—very easy to do—and it is sometimes written on the radio. when i pulled out radio there was the code !!!! I did the 2.5 hour thing and IT FINALLY WENT ON!!! It comes out by pressing in the two sensory panels on sides of radio component. Look closely, and you will see the indentations for this. press in with pointy instrument like keys or pen, and the handles will pop out. Then pull out radio–the code should be written on top!!! GOOD LUCK !!!!

hi, i have purchased a pre owned Volvo 850 1997 model. I bought the car from japan, The car is fine but the only problem is that i cant find its Radio Code. Kindly let me know the place to find it. i live in Kampala , Uganda,so tell me any specific dealer to contact or shuld i send you the chasis number, radio serial no, to let me know. i shall be very greatfull.

mutiunotswav says:

the radio code i have has a 7 and the preset buttons there is no 7 how do i enter the 7?

did u get an answer – i have same problem. thanks. i am presently witing 2-4 hrs with the key in the ignition & then shall try again!

My daughter has a 98 S70, I called the dealership gave them the VIN #, they gave me a code and it didn’t work. Called the dealership back with the serial number on the radio and they gave me another code. Let the car sit for another 2 hours and that code didn’t work. Is there another option? Please help, my daughter is going to go crazy without her radio. Typical 17 yo 🙂


i have a 1995 volvo 850.i’ve done everything that everyone has said but i steel can’t get the radio to come on all it wants to do is say off wate about 1.5 hours. and do it all over again please help.

If your top level cd player stops working in 850 and some v70, but the radio is fine, there is a tiny reset button on the rhs when you remove the radio. It6s there to protect the cd player from misuse, but dealers dont know about it…. You send off your radio and they charge you £££££. Google this fix and you will find pictures

Greetings from the US. You should get the vehicle identification number or the radio’s serial number (better) and call the closest Volvo car dealer. Tell them the number of your car or radio and ask them for your code.

hi, i have purchased a pre owned Volvo 850 1995 model. The car is fine but the only problem is that i cant find its Radio Code. Kindly let me know the place to find it. i live in dubai , UAE,so tell me any specific dealer to contact or shuld i send you the chasis code to let me know. i shall be thankful

Your Volvo doesn’t have to be running, just have the key turned enough so that the radio is on.

alexandra says:

I have a 2000 s70 and just got it a new battery yesterday. (The one in my car was from the factory!!! Lasted so long!) Anyway, I took a few guesses as to what my radio code was, not knowing it would go into OFF. A nice dealer was kind enough to give me the code over the phone, but he also said that pulling fuse 7 wouldn’t work and I would have to leave my radio on from anywhere between 1.5 – 2.5 hours– continuously!!! Anyone find anything else to work? I live in a city so I have to park on the street and I don’t have time to my car running for that long unattended!!

Thank you! Thank you! I had a new batter put in my 1995 Volvo 850 today preparing for winter. I got in and my radio was flashing code. I thought I could just put in a number and make it work. Well, you guessed it it said OFF after 3 tries. I called the Volvo Dealer and they said I had to leave the ignition on for 2 hours for the reset. I read your help here and started the car and pulled the #7 fuse and put it back in and CODE flashed and I put in the proper 4 digit code and the radio works! You are great! I can’t believe the dealer didn’t know this. Mark

If you have an radio with diodes, you can also cut these and then code always will be 6666, it is easy with the older type of radio’s CR-type.

…no bullshitt.. 😉

Dan n Idaho says:

I got the code from my local dealer and rechecked it with them and it still doesn’t work. I get code, put in the 5 numbers, nothing happens??? I have tried it time and time again, I do sometimes get a rPe code???? Any suggestions?

I’m very confused on how to do this… i know how to put the code in and what to do but i don’t know how to find the code… especially since everyone has been saying it is a four digit code and mine is six… i would appreciate the help without having to pay $29… and one site had asked me to give the fourteen digit serial number… well the serial number on the back of my radio (which i had to take out to get it) is not fourteen digits, there are eight digits and two letters… so help anyone please

Robyn Cullen says:

Awesome thanks for the help. Had to replace my battery in my car and then my radio was screwed up. Your info helped me get my radio back free of charge. Went to another site that was charging $29.00 to give you the code.

Thanks, Robyn

I’m happy to report that I found a way to shortcut all of this. I am making a video of how to do it so stand by.


Is there a way to reset the radio without turning the key into the first position for two hours?

As an addendum to the radio codes issue. If you purchased a Volvo with an upgraded radio from your dealer, the radio code you were given by the dealership at the time of purchase may not be correct (this is also true for the code in the national database – which has the original factory code). To find the new code the radio must be pulled out and somehow a Volvo specialist can extrapolate the code from the radio’s serial number. When you have your correct 4 digit code for your radio then enter as directed in your auto manual. This will work so do not despair!

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