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Need a Volvo Repair?

Welcome to the Web’s only Volvo Repair Database. The VRD contains over 1500 fixes, repairs and DIYs for Volvo cars. There are three ways to browse its contents:

Viewing Volvo repairs by category breaks down the repairs into groups like Engine, Transmission, Interior, etc. It cuts across all models, so after choosing a category, you’ll have to look for repairs relating to your car.

Viewing the Volvo Repair Database by car model — as you might have guessed — organizes the many repairs by Volvo model type. This shows fixes limited to just your car.

This shows the whole long list of repairs, all models, all categories. They’re broken into pages of 250, sorted by date.

If you’ve documented a repair and want to see it here, please contact me.

Volvo Performance, HP, Suspension and Tuning

See our in-depth discussion on making your Volvo faster — it’s a comprehensive collection of information and expert opinion about the best way to get more power from your Volvo’s engine.

More Volvo Repair Info!

The MVS Volvo Forums have 100,000+ topics. I grow the VRD continually by gathering the best topics in the MVS Volvo Forums, and then posting them here in the VRD.

The Beginner’s Page – new to Volvo? Start here.

Volvo Terms Glossary — Find out what we’re saying. Volvo abbreviations explained.

Trouble Codes

The above links are the lists of OBD diagnostic codes — the codes you get from from the On Board Diagnostic System. In those lists, some are associated with relevant Volvo Forum topics.

Volvo Transmissions

Volvo Transmissions page shows Volvo car model, engine code, transmission type and transmission code.

Take a look, and enjoy. If you have any questions, please join/log in/post the question in the Volvo Forum.

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