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Volvo Repairs — Top 10 in 2021

What a Long, Strange Year It Was

2021 saw the continuation of the strange effect of skyrocketing used Volvo prices. This new year looks to be no different.

For years Volvo 240s could be regularly found for just $500, but now they’re going for much more than that… in some cases, over $10k. That’s just one example. Just look up any recent sale on Bring a Trailer or eBay.


Strange economic phenomenon aside, here’s the top 10 most viewed Volvo repairs of 2021:

  1. 2007-2011 S80/V70/XC70: blower motor replacement
  2. Installing Vida 2014D for the first time Windows 10 Home
  3. A List of Volvo Paint Colors and Their Codes
  4. Volvo Bulb Guide and Cross-Reference
  5. Anybody want a copy of VIDA 2014D Diagnostic and EPC software?
  6. Signs of a failing ETM and its relation to the MAF sensor
  7. S60 Speaker upgrade – sizes, wiring, connectors – How to & what to buy
  8. Vida 2014D Times out 12/31/2017
  9. Importance of Resetting Fuel Trim (LTFT)
  10. Resetting Engine System Service Required message

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