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Volvo Roof Rack Installation Notes

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Learn how to install a volvo roof rack.

MVS forum member TheSwede shares his experience on installing his volvo roof rack. TheSwede says: I just came inside from installing the Volvo roof rack load bars on my ’98 S70 (Same part number for ’94 850). Couldn’t be easier…no tools, just a cam lock adjuster. They mount in the little holes in the upper edge of the door sill…

MVS Forum Member gtg737m asks:

Hello everyone,
I currently own a 1994 850 Turbo wagon and I’m planning on buying a Volvo roof rack to carry bicycles, etc. Does anyone here knows about the installation of this? Is it pretty straight forward? I’ve noticed that the molding on each side on the roof of the car peels off and looks really bad, I was thinking of replacing it all with a roof rack, its kind of an expensive fix but worth doing it if you like to travel and take your bicycle. Thanks.

MVS Forum Member stone36 replied:

You can also get used “euro rails” from ebay sometimes or from a parts yard. Ebay will cost you about $100-$150, I got mine from a parts yard for about $20 (lucky me). But will then need to buy the cross bars and bar attachments. I have found on ebay generic round bars and adapters for about $60. They key is to find a maker and cross reference what other makes and models the attachment will fit. For instance, the yakima lowrider, will fit the euro rails, but also say the VW passat. So serach on ebay for a volvo roof rack that fits passat. This was just an example I don’t know if the passat is the exact fit, but the ones I found were half the price of what were listed as a “volvo roof rack”.

The install couldn’t be easier for the rails. three torx screws into predrilled holes under that nasty molding. what you need to be carefull of if you just buy used rails is you need to keep the moulding from the hood up to the roof and cut it off with a hacksay so there is enough to go under the rail. It’s just like a haircut, you can always take more off, but you can’t put it back on so be careful.
Good luck

Roof Rack Installation Notes

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