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Volvo S60 Tire Rub

Fix Volvo S60 Tire Rub
2013 Volvo S60 r-design.
Credit: Arild Vågen / CC BY-SA (

Let’s talk Volvo S60 Tire Rub. With stock tires, size 235-45-17,

It is common. They ALL do it with this size tire. The BRAND of tire makes a difference. Volvos come with Pirellis with a narrow tread block. Your easiest “fix” for Volvo S60 tire rub is to add 5mm spacers to the front wheels. On most Volvos, this cures the rubbing!

You can also look into installing longer stop locks to limit the amount you can turn the steering wheel and tires. This will make your turning radius larger. You can try to train yourself to not turn as sharply when you’re driving the car. The problem typically only comes up in low-speed situations like parking. It can be difficult to remember to limit yourself when you are making a tight turn to get into a space, but you might want to try that to see how it goes.

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S60 Tire Rub

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1 Comment

I have a 2002 S60 AWD turbo and need to replace tires. Looking at 205/55/r16 Bridgestone Potenza Pole Position.
Tire Rack has cautionary note that it MAY require steering limiter against rub on fender liner.
Current tires are same size Kumho, but no tire rub at all.
Any thoughts/comments/experience with tire rub for S60’s? The Potenza tire? Or recommenations on tires for S60?

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