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2002 Volvo S80 Timing Belt Tips

You will need to be very familiar with your engine bay to change your Volvo S80 Timing Belt
Volvo S80 2.4T 2002 Blue, engine bay.
Credit: Sztywny / CC BY-SA ( via Wikimedia Commons

Do you have a Volvo S80? Do you do your own wrenching? Have you thought about changing your own Volvo S80 Timing Belt? Learn from someone who has done it.

Tips & Observations for changing a Volvo S80 timing belt:

1) For me, there is NO WAY that I could have done it without pulling the main crank shart and pulley and looking at it. I don’t think the clearance was there even if you were really good at this.
2) In a few critical spots, my car was different than the VADIS info: The serpentine belt tensioner and the instructions for the oil shield near the crank.
3) The water pump: Damn (!) hard to get in and out, but you can; and to install it you really have to have good light. Put in the top front corner first, and make sure the gasket stays on the two position posts.
4) I did not replace the serpentine belt tensioner; but if I had wanted to, I am not sure it would have come out of the space between fender and engine.

2002 s80 more timing belt stuff


I am looking for a online PDF Repair Manual to do this job as I need to see what it is that I am taking on. Step by step. Are there any good site’s that you would recommend ? Getting that Serpentine belt off alone is looking to be a pain !! Seems that the bracket for the Air Cond. as well as the Power Steering pump will need to be removed first ?

Has anyone done this job or have any input / suggestions for me please and thank you.

Mervin Linnemeyer says:

I am “trying to change the overhead cam serpentine belt. Do you have a “picture” or schematic of how the belt goe’s on or off? I got the idler pully, by the radiator side, loose but am to scared to remove it. There is just “no” room to get my hand in to loosen the “back” ideler. Also, where is the belt tensionor?

I have a problem , My timing belt snapped and I just need tips on how to change it ,since I have a spare belt in my trunk

Larry Johnson says:

The shop said that the waterpump should be replaced when the timing belt is done. Your thoughts on this?

I just replaced the timing belt, idler pulley,belt tensioner pulley, belt tensioner , serpentine belt tensioner and belt, water pump, spark plugs ,all filters except cab filter over this past weekend. Changing the water pump was a BEAR ,yes and the serpentine belt tensioner came out the bottom AFTER turning around and letting it bounce around ,actually it went on a lot easier. As far as the timing belt,it can be done HOWEVER you need to use the volvo tool whch compresses the timing belt tensioner . Yes you can sneak it out. Because I did NOT have the tool, I could not remove the bottom bolt from the belt tensioner, so out goes the puppley and belt went on 1st try. I kind of panicked when tension was released from belt and exhaust cam moved because iof the spring tension for t vvt. Everything is good…. I now must find this small powre steering leak….

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