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Finding Volvo Parts at the Salvage Yard

Looking for a salvage yard for your Volvo needs?

Most of us here on MVS love to save a few bucks by repairing and servicing our own cars, but finding the parts we need can often be a pain. Volvo owners and enthusiasts the world over are often in search both common and rare parts for their vehicles. Even if you find what you’re looking for, it’s oftentimes very expensive!

See the junk yard finds topic in the Volvo forum  and the DO NOT LEAVE topic.

Salvage yards, junkyards, and dismantlers can be a great option for sourcing cheap, used parts.

Pick n Pull parts at a yard - a 240 sits cannibalized
Pick n Pull parts

Of course, finding a quality salvage yard or junkyard with Volvo parts can be pretty difficult, but finding one in your area is a completely different story. EBay is always an option, but prices can be much, much higher than you would pay in a junkyard. Pick n’ pull salvage shops, like U Pull & Pay, can offer some of the best deals around, as they’ve got constantly rotating inventory and cheap prices. You just can’t mind getting your hands dirty!

If you’re not sure if you’ve got any salvage yards in your area, just dive into Google. You can typically find a few nearby that have at least a couple Volvos. Of course, even if your car is there, that’s not a promise that your part will be there. It’s always better to find a salvage yard with several of the vehicles you’re looking for, so you have more chances to find exactly what you need.

Many of our MVS users have also turned to the forum for help in our never-ending hunt for parts.

Forum users have already discussed junkyards in a handful of cities. Click below to go directly to the forum discussions.

There’s even more info in the MVS forum, so head on over and check it out! Our users are always picking up parts at their local salvage yard, so the forum’s a great place to get some ideas of what you can find, how to go about it, and even the Volvo celebs you might run into!

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I’m searching for retractable gray cargo cover Volvo XC70 2006

Looking for a 1998 v70 main window switch assembly.

looking for a 2003 s60 cupholder lid

Hi, I’m looking for the volvo XC90 navigation system and park asist camera.

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