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Volvo Seafoam Works

volvo seafoam

How can seafoam help your volvo engine

Here’s a video showing the concept of sucking 1/3 to 1/2 a can of Seafoam into the combustion, then putting the rest in the crankcase.

MVS Forum Member waynej says:

Had oil on top of engine and oil blowing out dipstick tube. Changed flame trap, replaced vacuum hose to trap and removed and cleaned vacuum tree. Still had oil coming out of dipstick tube. Did not have time or funds to replace oil separator. Poured about 1/4 can of seafoam down one of the tubes going to oil separator, drove for a week and changed oil. 2 weeks later dipstick tube is still clean and dry.

MVS Forum Member waynej added:

Take a look at this diagram to see separator and all connecting parts.

As you can see the cost of doing this job the conventional way is over $170 with shipping, and a days work. You must remove intake manifold to get to trap.
The only side effect was slight odor of Seafoam in my garage for a week.

MVS Forum Member rchotrod replied:

I put a full can of Seafoam in my gas tank when I had about 14 gallons in the tank. I drove it for about 30 minutes and thought I felt a noticeable difference. I let it sit overnight and drove it to Stillwater the next day. I could REALLY tell a difference when I left in the morning and even more so when I drove home (75 miles). I am thoroughly impressed with the added (restored) power and gas mileage. I averaged 31.2 mpg today. Definitely a new record for me. I was driving 65 with some stop and go. I would recommend this product for anyone. If you are worried about it, just do it the easy way by putting it in the gas tank.

I think that I am going to use seafoam in my oil and pour some down into my oil separator next.

now 117000 miles on my 850, runs better every day

Seafoam Works

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