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Volvo Struts and Shocks Poll

volvo struts

What are your thoughts on Volvo struts and shocks?

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As components of an automobile chassis, Volvo struts can be passive braces to reinforce the chassis and/or body, or active components of the suspension. An automotive suspension strut combines the primary function of a shock absorber (as a damper), with the ability to support sideways loads not along its axis of compression, somewhat similar to a sliding pillar suspension, thus eliminating the need for an upper suspension arm. This means that a strut must have a more rugged design, with mounting points near its middle for attachment of such loads.

Volvo 4C Struts: What and Why

The most common form of strut in an automobile is the MacPherson strut. MacPherson struts are often purchased by the automakers in sets of four completed sub-assemblies: These can be mounted on the car bodies as part of the manufacturers’ own assembly operations. The MacPherson strut combines a shock absorber and a spring in a single unit, by means of which each wheel is attached to the car body.

Volvo Strut diagram highlighting the strut mount and the spring seat.
Volvo Strut diagram highlighting the strut mount and the spring seat.

MVS Forum Member Tsquared asks:

I am overdue on replacing the volvo struts and shocks on the 96 850. It still has the original equipment. The ride has not been bad but the spring seats on the front springs have just started acting up. I have been doing the research on the aftermarket brands available and the pricing from various sources. I would like some feedback from people that have swapped out their struts and shocks.

The Bilstein seem a little pricey and I have heard of a rougher ride than stock – any comments…

The KYB are cheaper – is this because the are really cheaper?

The Boge and Sachs I have heard very little about.

Monroe/Gabriel is not an option – bad past experience.

Anyone running the NAPA premium?

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

I voted Bilstein, but there are a couple of different ones out there. I have the Touring or TC’s which are actually much cheaper than their very stiff HD version. Although I like the ride with them, there is one draw back- they raise the front about an inch. The koni adjustable are suppose to be the best ride. Boge and Sachs are what most consider OEM. You can check out what’s available for decent prices at

MVS Forum Member Bill S70 T5 added:

I have a 98 S70 T5, (120k miles) and also will be replacing the suspension all round. I’d like to ask a question too.
Does anyone know if theres a big difference between the Koni Sports and Koni FSD’s, I can get a pretty good price for a Koni FSD set but would also like to put on the Eibach lowered springs too and am not sure if theres any problems specifically with using FSD’s an lowered springs.

I’m also planning to add a volvo struts brace (& sway bar) in the future as I think the front would work good if it was a little firmer, would appreciate any expert or experienced thoughts out there

I’d read too many people not liking the Bilstiens so didn’t even think about using them.

Hope it was ok to use your thread to ask my question

Struts and Shocks Poll

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