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Volvo Transmission Filter Replacement

volvo transmission filter

How to replace your volvo transmission filter.

A clogged transmission filter can obstruct fluid flow and cause unending headaches — a slipping or partially engaged transmission, engagement hesitation and other shifting issues. Likewise, contaminated, improperly filtered hydraulic fluid causes more than 70 percent of hydraulic system failures. High end transmission filters outperform other brands with quality features such as sealing gaskets made from materials specially designed for use with transmission fluids and metal end caps to add extra support for the filter media and prevent internal leaks.

MVS Forum Member vegasjetskier asks:

Here’s how to service and change the transmission filter in the transmission in your S80: S80 Transmission Service. I got my transmission filter kit here for $37: Filter Kit.

NOTE 1: The above link says the bolts are 12mm, but on my car they were 10mm.

NOTE 2: This transmission holds 13 quarts of fluid. The procedure described in the link only changes out 6-7 quarts. So, you may want to perform a flush or drain/fill/drain/fill procedure in addition to the transmission filter change to get most of the old fluid out.

NOTE 3: To do a drain/fill/drain/fill procedure you drain out what you can, refill, drive a while (or run the car with the wheels off the ground) to mix the fluid, drain again and refill. This dilutes the old fluid with new until the majority of the fluid is fresh. I.E.: this transmission holds 13 quarts, so if you drain and fill with 6.5 quarts the first time, you have 6.5 quarts of old fluid and 6.5 of new, for a 50/50 mix. The second time you do a drain and fill, you will have 3.75 quarts of old and 9.25 quarts of new, for a 75 new/25 old mix. The third time you do a drain and fill, you will have 1.875 quarts old and 11.125 quarts new for a 87.5% new/12.5% old mix. This required 19.5 quarts of fluid. Is it worth it? Well, flushes run about $200, and a simple drain and fill is about $75 at your local lube shop. This transmission uses Dexron III, which is $1.77 at the local WMart. $1.77 X 20 = $35.40 for the fluid.

NOTE 4: Do you even need to do this? Volvo says the fluid is “lifetime.” Lifetime of what? The transmission! Once it’s out of warrantee, they don’t care if it lasts or not (IMHO). Considering that a new tranny is $2500, I think it’s cheap insurance. For more discussion look here: ATF Fluid Change Not Recommended?, here: ATF Fluid Change Myth?, and here: Swapping ATF.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan says:

Thanks! Pinned in the repair database. 🙂

MVS Forum Member vegasjetskier added:

If you have an AutoZone, Pep Boys or Advance Auto Parts nearby, you can save a few bucks on the transmission filter getting a transmission filter for a 2000 Chevrolet Impala 3800 (3.8 liter engine). The transmission filter will fit because the transmission is the same (General Motors 4T65E).

$14 @ all of the above.

Transmission Filter Replacement

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