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Volvo Wiring Diagrams

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Hi. I need wiring diagram for Volvo XC90 D5 MK1 from 2003 and 2005 to download. Somebody can help me.
Thank you so much

Hello, i need the wiring diagram for the lambda probe, Volvo v70 20v. the connector ripped out by the steering shaft, bad 4. Volvo in the family

Is there any chance that i could get a wiring diagram for a Volvo S40 1998 or any that hasn’t CEM in it. The oldest S40 wiring diagram that i have founded was from 2000 but there was CEM in it so that isn’t that useful for me at this moment.

Hello. Needs diagram electrical engine 2.8 t6 (biturbo). and 2.4 103kW, the Volvo S80. Translate engine and see that electrics will not be so easy. I will add that the EU is 2.8, and the second time he flew, and 2.4 of the UK and I will put.

I have an 02 xc70. I’m looking for the wiring diagram for headlight switch and DIM. I thank you in advance, thanks

I looking for s80 2.0t engine wiring this car have 3 ignition coil burn and the wire have rejoin before together abs pump unit is burn.thank you

Hey looking for what wire and color and where they go to my alternator I have a Bosch alternator 1997 Volvo 850 non turbo

115.000 on my 95 had about a year great car will own Volvo forever but need wiring diagram for w/s/e switch center console, love the support sand forum thanks Sam- 01_951_972_6225

Also my plug that fits into the relay (centre plug) is broken 1 wire is yellow and the other is white and yellow im not to sure where they go. The relay is marked 1 and 2 high n low speed? any ideas?

Hi could you please send me a wiring diagram for the thermo fan and sensors for a volvo t5 s70 1997 model? im having over heating problems. thanks heaps 🙂

1999 S40 T4 automatic – any and all available electrical / relay diagrams + fusebox / electrical box and manuals PLEASE,
Bought the car with no manuals. Struggeling with no-start immobiliser.
Help please Matthew! 😉

My 1995 Volvo 960 clicks under the shifter every time I press the brake pedal. I think it’s a bad microswitch. Does anyone know exactly where the two wires coming from the microswitch attach? The two posts coming out of the top of the microswitch have No wires attached to them. They must have been removed at some point. I’m assuming the shift lock solenoid works since it clicks everytime I press (or maybe release?) the brake. The car shifts out of park just fine. The clicking is driving me batty!!! Help!

I need wiring diagram for 1990 240 dl. Having issues with fuel pumps, relay, ignition,windows, my car is an electrical nightmare. Please help. Thankyou

I’m looking pinout from ”amp end” side speakers plug) for my volvo s60. Amplifier 4x50w under seat 8673135.


Hi I’m looking for a wiring diagram for a 2001 S40, I need to find a switched 12v source in the radio harness to tap off of.


I need wiring diagram for volvo c70 1999 for the throttle (made by sweden parts). Need to know what color wire and pins are jointed?

@ Rich Buck. The seats should be just “plug n play” and all you have to do is put in a 30A & a 15A fuse in no.5 & 24 fuse section. Hey Presto!, You hjave working seats! That’s all I did after swapping my “keep-fit” seats for electric seats.

I am trying to wire a Volvo power seat into a non power seat Volvo. There are a ton of wires. Can someone help me with a wiring diagram. The seats came out of a 2002 Volvo 70 I believe. Thank you. Also I tried the repair database but they have been removed.

Hi, I’m looking for the Electronic Climate Control and Air Conditioning System wiring diagram for a 2002 V70. Thank you in advance!! David

I have a 2006 C70 that I believe the wiring harness that runs from the front to the rear of the car is in a shorted state. My O2 sensors both replaced still throw a check engine and now my Park assist sensors no linger work and are throwing an I on my info panel. I think there is a short in the wiring running from the front to rear can I get the wiring diagram for my car so I can have my Volvo mechanics fix the correct part? I have had my vehicle in 4 times and they have not fixed my vehicle.

My car is year 2000 S40. I would be very pleasured for wiring diagram. I have some problem with driving lamp and I don`t find whats wrong! It would be BIG help about wiring diagram!

Thank you!

Hi Matt,

I was looking for the relay diagram and wiring diagram for a 2003 volvo s80 non turbo. I am trying to diagnose a list of module fault codes to determine which module or modules is the source problem. Could you help?


hi matt
1993 850 2.5 20v i’m looking for a wiring diagram to instal the levelmotors on the headlights?

hey there Matt.

I Have problems with my electric wirings for window.and have absolutely no idea where to start and would like to try giving it a jam on my own before having to spend a bit of I have a 1997 volvo v70 t5 2.0.hope i haven’t left anything out. thank you.

im looking for a wire diagram for a volvo 1997 940 classic.all my wires were remove during a body word my head lamps dont work at all,because all the wiring are off

1995 volvo 960 was running fine, little rough in morning but cleared up. now will not start, trying to fire but wont. replaced the ICU/ICM unit. still the same. Any suggestions?

Not sure if this is available, but in the “2000 S70, V70, 2000-2004 C70 Wiring Diagram PDF”, there is a fold out Component list that is missing at the end.

It is in Page 2 (Page 10 in a viewer) as the very last thing in the book. If anyone has this, I would really appreciate any information on it.


I have just bought a 2009 cx60 premium lux, the deal said it had a 6 cd changer and a USB. When I got the car it only had annex connection for ipod can I upgrade by way of adding a USB connection !

volvo s40 SRS light up, what can i check, found dirty plug on fuel pump and sender, have i disturbed any thing.

Hi Mathew
I’m looking for the wiring diagram for a Volvo V60 2011.
It would be great if you can help me.

I have a 2004 volvo s60 2.0t, it won’t start and apparently the problem is with the faulty engine control module. Please can someone assist with a unit with keys that i can buy. Thanks

Thanks for a great resource!

One tiny bit of feedback:
The document named 2004.5__S40_V40.pdf is about S40 and V50, not V40.

I’m not clear as to why you do all this work and it cost me nothing but I am really grateful that this information was so readily available. Working on a friend’s Volvo and I know nothing about them. Just trying to get him and his family back on the road. Thank you very much for the help!

Dear Matt, any informations on ECU replacement for 2008 2.0D C30 would be much helpful for me. Where to find one of those witch one fits?

Hi Matt, many thanks for your website. I’ve spent countless hours trying to troubleshoot a faulty ABS circuit on our beloved 940, and got no where, until I found the wiring diagrams above. Problem solved in under two hours. This has been one of the most useful resources I’ve found in much web surfing.

Again many thanks

howdy. Just wondering if there would be a diagram for a 264. I’m having trouble with the electric windows. Is the a relat for the power in .. ?

I have a completely destroyed ECM pins after accident, now trying to fix it and using these wiring diagrams.

Very very helpful

Tks a lot

Downloading 2003 s60 wiring diagram (thanks!!).
So I have fuse f24 (passenger comp fuse box), keeps blowing, disabling DIM and climate control, and electric seats. f24 is supposed to be ‘expansion relay 1’.
Seems to blow when I accel from 0 to 20mph (some short in some tranny switch? turbo switch?), or just coincidence.
2 days before that, had to ford a deep puddle. before that, had left the car alone for 6 weeks, and was getting ‘alarm service required’. After the fuse blew the first time, I am getting ‘srs service urgent’. any ideas? shoot..

i’m looking S80 2.0T wiring diagram. my acc compressor cut off when hot. that one i not found in your articels. tq

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