Volvo Working on the Uncrashable Car

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  1. Hi, I am posting a quick observation here.

    I took my Volvo in for some work to the dealer today, and they gave me a new Volvo as a loaner.

    The factory radio in the car has no tuner control.

    Seriously. It has a scan button and a seek button, but no button to use if you want to manually change the radio station. So basically if you don’t want to listen to the 2 or 3 stations that come in perfectly and are detected by the scan, the factory radio is worthless.

    I’m just posting this because anyone thinking about getting a Volvo better add buying a new car stereo and getting it installed to the price of the vehicle when doing the math in their heads.

    I can’t understand why anyone would even DESIGN a radio that way. It’s like not having a volume control or an On/Off button. It’s absolutely idiotic. Is the dashboard space at such a premium that you can have 20 buttons for climate control zones and no tuner button on the radio?

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