Discussing the Volvo XC90 – Why You Love Yours!

Volvo owners and enthusiasts discuss their love-hate relationship with the Volvo XC90. It earned top marks in the IIHS crashworthiness test.

A Reminder Why We Drive Volvos.

Forum Moderator songzunhuang writes about Volvo XC90:

OK, I have read tons of reports of why these are the “ones to avoid”. Surely there are some good ones out there? Of the hundreds of complaints, there must be tens of thousands of good ones right? Normally people with great cars don’t post comments when there isn’t a problem. I know I normally come to the forums when I am looking for a solution to an issue.


The XC90 was the SUV of the year once so it must of sold well. So I am starting a new list. Tell us if….

1) You’ve put tons of miles on your T6 without a transmission problem.
2) Your engine or suspension has never failed.
3) I can’t believe that I …. and the car made it.
4) What else?

I’m sure you can think of other things as well.
I just wanted to see if there was another side to this story. Thanks.


XC90 after violent collision

“Terrible Collision: Ninety+ mph head on collision. XC90 driver had broken ribs and scrapes… Camaro all 3 occupants dead.”




scootay45 says:

“Hi, My XC90 D5 was the biggest lemon in the british isles in my view you can read some of my posts, but after thousands of pounds spent virtualy re-building her i have quite grown fond of my XC ever day i rub the dashboard and tell the bas…d how i have looked after her, and up to now touch wood she hasn’t let me down since but that shows you the worry that still lingers in the back of your mind “what next” quality car let down by heads buried in the sand (Volvo europe) but i like your question! come on guys defend your xc, scootay )”


XC90 – Why you love yours!

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