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Volvos Expensive To Maintain? Pros & Cons

volvo expensive maintenece

Historically, Volvo has ranked well in “total cost of ownership” surveys for popular models. Several models, like the XC60 (premium compact SUV), lead the segment in cost of ownership. At what point does your Volvo become too expensive to maintain?
MVS member potroast says “buy the parts online and do the work yourself.” Sure, there is most definitely a learning curve when performing your own maintenance but, at least your in control and know first hand what the costs are.
If you compare across class, Volvo’s S60 is cheaper to maintain over a 5 year period than the competition (Audi’s A4, BMW’s 3-series)
In 2015, Volvo also introduced best-in-industry, “pay once and never pay again” program for parts and labor at Volvo dealers. This could possibly be a game changer when determining the pros and cons to bringing your car to a pro.

MVS member potroast:

buy your parts online.

do the work yourself.

If you do that, you’ll have a fine time. If you take it to a shop, I hope you’re rich.

I’m at 164k miles, and I’d be VERY disappointed if I got any less than 250 out of it!

MVS member TAFinley adds:

I agree with potroast. Buy your parts online and do the work yourself.

My 1985 245GL has 162K (US miles) with the original engine, starter, alternator, fuel pumps, power steering pump, and air conditioning components. It consumes about a quart of oil every 3K and doesn’t leak at all (no drips on the garage floor).

Automatic transmission was rebuilt at 127K. New, “late-model”, engine wiring harness (1/2 paid for by Volvo!) installed at 116K. Steering rack (ZF) was replaced at 95K.

So, what hasn’t been so good? It needs a water pump every 40K or so and it seems to burn up the overdrive relay about every 4 years. Also, the wiring going through the tailgate (station wagon) has always been a pain. The body has had some issues with rust (but I live in the Northeast US where they spray salt solution everywhere if the weather people even hint that there might be snow).

But… It’s been 100% reliable (has never broken down in 19 years) and I routinely drive it on long trips (>300 miles) without fear of breaking down.

Volvos Expensive To Maintain? Pros & Cons

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