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Weird Volvo steering and braking problem

Experiencing a weird Volvo steering and braking problem?

Danger! Worn Suspension Parts Cause Bad Handling

“When I brake and keep the steering wheel at 1 o’clock the car wants to turn to the right. If I let go of the steering wheel while braking, the steering wheel will straighten itself out at 12 o’clock and the car will stop in a straight line without my hands and the wheel. It’s been getting a bit scary at highway speed on wet or icy roads.”

“Replacing bushings won’t fix a ball joint if that’s the part that is bad on the control arm… just best to replace the whole thing anyway, even if there was a choice. Also on 850s and up through x70s from ’98 there are two different control arms…some with 4 bolts and some with 2. You’ll have to look under your car and see how they are attached (with 2 or 4 bolts each).”

Weird Volvo steering and braking problem

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“Sounds like you have something loose in either the ball joints or the inner or outer tie rod ends. You need to jack the car up, remove the wheel, and check for slop in any of those joints. Those joints should have no slop whatsoever as you move the steering knuckle up and down or side to side. So as to not trick yourself put a lug bolt back into the rotor so that you can actually feel for movement in the joints rather than the rotor flopping around.”

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