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What’s your best Highway fuel economy?

Tell us your best Highway fuel economy

Highway Mileage Poll

Volvo 850, S70, V70 and XC70

I actually got 36 mpg during a recent trip returning to Dallas from Tulsa. I attained this magic number during a series of tests of fuel consumption in my ’98 S70 T5 at various speeds from 100 to 50 mph for 10-mile intervals on the Indian Nation Turnpike; results ranged from ~15 mpg at 100 mph to the mentioned 36 at 50 mph. My trip average was just shy of 30 mpg, which constitutes a RARE occurrence for me, since I was only able to achieve such a conservative economy by averaging 70 mph for the entire trip. I am typically “wont to flaunt” the wonderfully smooth and stable nature of my T5 at highway speeds between 80 and 90 but, in the interest of science, I somehow found the necessary restraint to complete this test. It was somewhat of a shock to find that my Turbo is capable of more (or less) than I have come to expect of it, thirst-wise!

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