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Where to Send Your Volvo ABS Module

volvo abs module

Having Volvo ABS Module trouble? Do your homework to save some cash.

If you’re having issues with you Volvo ABS Module, check out Victor Rocha’s website. He can fix a Volvo ABS module for hundreds less than a new one at the dealer.

Victor has been providing his services to independent Volvo dealers, independent Volvo repair shops, Volvo clubs and Volvo owners worldwide for over 10 years. Shops and parts distributors depend on his quality to ensure their customers remain loyal. Price is not the entire story. A Google search of his name and Volvo ABS Module will show you who is trusted around the world.

MVS Forum Member Miguel Silva asks:

Hi there,
I just bought a XCV70 last July, it has 102K miles. There were several lights on, so I took the car to the shop. They said that the problem was the Volvo ABS module, and that I should go ahead and order one right away (too dangerous to drive around with a failing module).
I was searching on internet and I found a fellow that does repair and upgrade these modules for just $130
Does anybody has any experience dealing with rebuilt ABS modules?
Please advise

MVS Forum Moderator matthew1 says:

Victor Rocha, probably. He’s on this board every now and again:
His website:
There’s at least 5 people on this board that have sent their Volvo ABS Module units to him and have been well satisfied. I would not hesitate to send my ABS unit to Victor.
If you’d like to search for more Volvo ABS module info, you may use the search function near the top of the page.

Where to Send Your ABS Module



The ABS unit on my 1998 XC70 AWD was not functioning. I sent it to Victor Rocha in December of 2017, he tested it and told me it was fine in January of 2018, and that he was going to send it back to me. To this day (May 29, 2018)—after sending multiple emails, a letter and voice mails—he still still hasn’t returned my ABS unit.

He refuses to call me back, email me, or contact me in any way. I had my mechanic finally reach him by phone and he claimed he didn’t know anything about it but would look into it and call him back. That was several weeks ago and he hasn’t called my mechanic back, and we try to call Victor again, he sends our calls to voice mail.

I have email documentation of his ‘limited’ communication with me.

i cannot find my abs module s80 T6 at 2001 at malaysia, help , help,
someone can help me ,please email to me,thanks

dalerick wesley says:

I brought a S80 and it has started shaking when slowing at high speeds, the red caution triangle will not go off, brake failure stop as soon as possible message stays on, cruise control engage when it wants to, there is constant heat coming from under the dash while driving, and there is a oily like substance under the plastic on the drivers side. I almost forgot I was told that a rod on the right front is just hanging there not connected to anything and the shocks on the rear ruined the new tires I put on. Can I fix all of these things without spending $2,000?

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