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Which Battery to Buy?

Today there are many types and brands of volvo batteries and this wide choice makes it difficult for the car owner to know which to choose. While one can do research online, the jargon can be difficult to understand and this can lead to even more confusion. The three features about a volvo battery that a car owner should be familiar with include 1) voltage 2) reserve capacity and 3) cold cranking amps.

In general, most volvos with a 3.2L I6 engine will suffice with a 12V battery with 520 cold cranking amps. However, if you have a V8 model, then go with a battery that has 800 cold cranking amps. The higher the amps, the more power. Volvo owners who live in cooler north american climates can also benefit a battery with 800 cold cranking amps. For most volvos that are driven in the city, there is no need to worry about reserve capacity. If your volvo came with a 12 Volt battery then you need to get the same. Use of a 24 volt battery is rare and so you should forget about it.

Finally, remember that volvo batteries come in many sizes and you need to know the model number and year of your car in order to get the right size.

A week ago we had a well-attended (virtually speaking) discussion regarding battery brands. I lump this subject into the “Everybody has an opinion” group because — unless one of us is a car fleet manager — the frequency at which we buy batteries is too low to harvest meaningful statistics. For instance, in the time I’ve owned my battery, the manufacturer, or manufacturing process, could have changed many times, making meaningful conclusions impossible to produce.

Still, there is data to be mined from this discussion, like a sampling of current prices and warranties, and intangibles, such as favorite brands and real life experiences.

Your Battery Brand and Price

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