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Which Oil for Volvo Turbo Engine?

volvo turbo engine

Find out which oil to use in your volvo turbo engine.

For a Volvo turbo engine, as long as the oil supply is clean and the exhaust gas does not become overheated (lean mixtures or retarded spark timing on a gasoline engine) a turbocharger can be very reliable but care of the unit is important. Replacing a turbo engine that lets go and sheds its blades will be expensive. The use of synthetic oils is recommended in a turbo engine.

MVS Forum Member asummers asks:

I was wondering what oil people are using in their 850 turbo engine. Mine has standard oil in it from when I bought it a few weeks ago, The previous owner did not use synthetic. I have heard that changing to synthetic can cause leaks. The owners manual recommends synthetic, 10w30 for my climate. I didn’t know if something was better because of the turbo’s.

Anyway, what brand, and weight are people using? Thanks.

MVS Forum Member sseir39 replied:

I use Mobil 1 1–30 in our Volvo’s, which includ 91 940 SE, 93 T, 94 855T, 98 S70 GLT and 98 T5. These are all converts from Dino. The 855 did spring a leak at the RMS, but that may have been from poor maintenance by PO. Following replacement, which I did, it has no more leaks. Make sure your engine breathing system is up to date, i.e. oil trap and associated hoses for crankcase.

MVS Forum Member calbrit01 added:

I started using Mobil 1 High Mileage, I think its a 10-30 (California), on my 94 850 turbo engine. The leak I had in the crankcase went away shortly after and hasn’t returned, and what I have read this is fairly common side affect of the seal conditioners in that oil.

I also only change the oil at 5000m, the recommended interval for the turbo engine with standard oil, so that gives me more than enough protection. Oh, I should add that I don’t subscribe to this 3000m oil change nonsense in the US, just another money grabber – Swedish weather gets pretty awfull so if its good enough to have 5k for the turbo engine there, then its fine here.

On the Mobil web site they have a really interesting video testing the Mobil 1 Extended Service product, which claims to increase to 15K changes. The test is on a Las Vegas taxi, and if you believe the results, its pretty impressive. You need the high capacity oil filter which run at around $13 (in CA), but the oil is around $30 for 6L (in CA), so overall about the same as regular oil in cost terms.

Which Oil for Turbo Engine?

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