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XC40 Information and Photos

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The MVS page for Volvo’s new XC40 is up. It’s the smallest of Volvo’s (now) 3-SUV lineup, and completes the Small/Medium/Large set of cars Volvo should have had half a decade ago, in our humble opinion. Mercedes-Benz lists no fewer than seven SUVs.

Volvo XC40 page

The MVS XC40 page mentions how this is Volvo’s first Care by Volvo car… which is marketing speak for “subscription”. At its core, a subscription is the car payment, insurance and maintenance wrapped into one.

New Volvo Xc40 Exterior

New Volvo Xc40 Exterior

XC40 Information and Photos
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XC40 Information and Photos
The MVS page for Volvo's new XC40 is up. It's the smallest of Volvo's (now) 3-SUV lineup, and completes the <strong>Small/Medium/Large</strong> set of cars Volvo should have had half a decade ago.
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